Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh the Distractions

Where did the day go?
Really Really Excellent Awesome and Totally Great News!!!! My visa has been approved for another 2 years! Yay! No more worrying about having to live at the airport while they make a decision.
I now just have to find a job I love for the future. hmmm I really don't know.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Right Now

Right now I am sitting in my living room on the couch and we are eating some dark chocolate for desert and Grant is watching a movie that we rented call district 9. I think this is suppose to be a serious movie but I keep asking him if it is a comedy cause it seems lame and can't be taken serious.
Anyways today was a challenge just like everyday that I nanny is, but today I came to the realization that I really need to find something that a really like to do and want to do and something where I can make more money and get more hours.

What I need to do is really research different things that I might like to do and possibly go back to school and study so I can get a good job that I like, and maybe then I will want to have kids of my own rather than be put off them for life.
Long story short I am ready to for a change and I know it is not going to be easy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Weekend

Saturday night we went out with Alina and Tom. We drove to their place and we all walked up to an Indian restaurant for dinner and BYOB wine. The food was really good, of course being the wuss I am I ordered mine mild while everyone else got their food hot and spicy! Lets just say I was the only one not sweating!
After dinner we walked across the street to a pub called the Kings lander. This was a really fun bar, they were playing sports games on all the TVs and they also had an 80's cover band. It wasn't long before we were dancing and acting crazy.

Pictured above, I had asked Grant to take a picture of us and he wouldn't stop so that is how we were reacting to the non stop flashing.
On our walk back to the house Grant decided that he was taking a short cut by going through the post! hahahhaha he barely fit.

Here he is coming out the other side. We ended up staying the night at Alina's house and driving home in the morning.
Sunday afternoon we went to Takapuna and got some takeaway food and sat by the beach and ate it. Even though we were stuffed after our lunch/dinner =linner we decided to get some ice cream! It was also Anzac day, for all the Americans reading this day is similar to our Veterans Day.

On our way home from our outing we rented some movies and went for a walk at Soldiers Bay. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and I was happy we got to enjoy it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday Morning

Today is Saturday yay! I have no idea what we will do today, but I plan to work on my drawing that I have to get done before I go home in May. I swear I have been meaning to work on the drawing everyday but there is always something that distracts me and somehow I waste a whole day doing something else.

I just got done with my morning routine. What I do is I open my computer and while that warms up I make oatmeal and coffee and sit in front of my computer and check my e-mails and read the blogs that I like. Today I am starting out annoyed because the internet has slowed down to a crawl! The internet connection in NZ sucks ass! Every single month about half way through we must run out of our amount or something, but I can not take how slow the internet goes! I might have a conversation with our roommates about getting more MBs.

Anyways nothing new is going on, Grant and I tried to have our fifth or so conversation about where we might go in the future last night and of course it got us no where. We would not have to have any conversations if it wasn't for immigration and figuring out where we will be living for the next few years. The deal right now is if I don't apply for residency in the next few months it will probably be my last year I can stay in NZ. The thing about the residency is it is a commitment that we will live here for the next 3 years, and 2 of the years I must be in NZ for 6 months of each year. Soooo if I applied for residency then there is no way we could go to Australia to live and there is no way we could go to the USA to live (for 3 years).
The other option would be for us to get married and move to the USA but we are not ready to get married yet.
The third option is for us not do the residency in NZ and move to Australia and do the residency there. The only thing with doing that is the cost to do that there is triple the amount of doing it here.
Sooo there is a lot to think about and it does not really help having all our family in each country, like a tug of war!

There are plus and minuses for each place also!
NZ= would be cheaper to get residency, all Grants friends are here, his brother and dad are here, and we both have jobs and all our crap is here. Plus NZ is Beautiful, Safe and known to both of us. The minuses are it feels sort of small to me like I am a little trapped, none of my family or friends are here, and it is hard to find new friends and affordable places to live.

USA= Of course all my family and friends are there, it is an awesome place to live!, sunny all the time (CA), cheap everything; clothes, food, apartments, stuff to do all the time with different people ie friends and fam. Minuses would be it has lots of crime, over crowding, not as beautiful, pushy pace of life, for us neither of us have jobs there or a place to live and we would not only have to get married but we would still have to prove our relationship and fill out forms.

Australia= Grants family are there, lots of sun, something to explore, somewhat safe, make more money there, stuff is more affordable. Minuses would be having to pay lots for immigration, having to start from scratch with jobs and housing and friends (but could be lots of fun). Unsure of where we would go to even start to live, and of course still away from my family.

Anyways lots of decisions to be made in the next few months.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Australian Trip Part 4 Final

This is the final Australian post.

Off in the distance is Surfers Paradise, which apparently has the worst surf go figure.

Driving to Surfers Paradise for a day of shopping.

We got a few things but not much. We did go out for a nice lunch and a few drinks.
The next day we drove to Byron Bay for some surfing. We camped that night at a camp site.
Grant is putting up our tent. It happened to be one million degrees!

The light house at Byron Bay. Out for drinks at night.
A hippy van

Home the day before we left.

The morning before we left we all went out to breakfast.

Good View!
Later that day we had a BBQ at Colin and Jo's house with all his family and some of their friends.
There was this huge spider right over all the snacks, it helped me to keep from snacking.

Below is the morning we left. We got to the airport really early to avoid being rushed!

We had the best trip! I can't wait to go back and see more of Australia!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Australian Trip Part 3

Now when I think back to our trip it has become a little blurry as to details and exact days and times, but I will do my best. While we were still camping in Coff Harbor and the last night of camping we went to Jo's sister Kerry's house for dinner. Because Colin had fallen off his bike earlier that day day we all decided to pack up the camp and head home the next morning. Grant and I decided to stop by all his families houses again to say good bye and then head home later in the day, but because we spent so much time we asked Gail if we could stay at her house instead.

Dinner at Kerry's

Colin showing us his scars

More family

The next day when we visited Grant's nana Monica. She had tea and cookies for us and she had photo albums out to show us pictures of when they were young. It was really nice to get to spend time talking with her.

Later in the day at the beach.
Crabs dig holes and leave all these little balls of sand on the sand surface.

On our drive back to our home base we stopped to do some surfing (for grant) and reading (me).

Below is Grant on a wave

Below him on a wave again.

I will still have more posts about Australia. We took so many pictures and did so much it is easier to break it up into a lot of sections.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Friday night we all decided to go out for a few drinks for Grant's b-day. I drove us to our old house for pre drinks and because we decided to go to a bar I said I would not drink ahead of time and drive us to the bar and then drink there and get a cab home.
For some stupid reason everyone decided to go to the Neighborhood bar in Kingsland, which is really a far drive considering we were planning on getting a cab home (would have been $60 cab ride).
We get to the bar everyone orders a drink and then one of us (I will keep nameless cause it doesn't matter) says they are too hungry and want to leave. I was ready to go from the second we got there. To paint a picture of the bar, it is the sort of place that is waaaaaay to crowded (there is no where to sit or stand), it is waaaay to loud with music and everyone screaming over the music it is really hard to hear anything, and it is full of people posing and trying to look cool and see who they may know and who might know them (like anyone can give a shit about that).

Anyways because I had only 3 sips of my wine before everyone said lets go I gave the rest of my drink away and said I would drive us all home (yay for the sober sister saved $60).

Jasmine and me

Grant, Elin, and Drunk Drunk Matt

Saturday morning we decided to drive north all the way up to Ship Wreck Bay on the West Coast. The drive takes 4 hours. We arrived and met Mike and Jasmine and Eagles for all the boys to have a surf. This beach is not easy to get to you have to drive on the sand and along the rocks to get to the good surf spots. When we finally got to the surf spot they surfed while we sat bored to death in the car. From the surfing it was back in the car to drive an hour to Grant's bach for the night.

Today Sunday morning we woke up at 7am to drive an hour back to the beach and around the rocks. The driving had to be timed to be around the rocks when the tide was out. We got around while the tide was out and parked up while the tide came in. The guys surfed and we sat (boring), then it got really annoying cause the guys all came in saying the surf sucked and we were all stuck on the beach for 3 hours waiting for the tide to go out. Finally Grant and I decided to walk around all the rocks back to his car that we left by the front of the beach about a 30 min walk. Then we started the drive home 4 hours. I am so sick of driving!
At least we got out this weekend, but I feel really worn out and tired, not sure if it was really worth all the trouble. I know if I was stuck home all weekend I would have been bored maybe I am never happy.

Drive, Drive, Drive

Grant lost the plot with this guy driving in front of us. He was going 50k on a 100k road and then did not pull into the passing lane. I bet you can imagine what happened, thats right a lot of yelling and screaming and finally a dialogue that sounded like this, Grant talking "you know what I want to do? I want to pull off with that guy and just ask him why he did not pull into the passing lane. I would say I am not going to punch you I just want to know what your problem is? are you the self appointed traffic police or what?" I only wish this was a real conversation that I could have video taped!
The rocks we had to drive and walk over.

Little surfer

My face out the window, I asked Grant to take a pic of me and this is what I got voom voom!

The good wave day.

Wax on Wax off

Drive home!
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