Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Weekend

Saturday night we went out with Alina and Tom. We drove to their place and we all walked up to an Indian restaurant for dinner and BYOB wine. The food was really good, of course being the wuss I am I ordered mine mild while everyone else got their food hot and spicy! Lets just say I was the only one not sweating!
After dinner we walked across the street to a pub called the Kings lander. This was a really fun bar, they were playing sports games on all the TVs and they also had an 80's cover band. It wasn't long before we were dancing and acting crazy.

Pictured above, I had asked Grant to take a picture of us and he wouldn't stop so that is how we were reacting to the non stop flashing.
On our walk back to the house Grant decided that he was taking a short cut by going through the post! hahahhaha he barely fit.

Here he is coming out the other side. We ended up staying the night at Alina's house and driving home in the morning.
Sunday afternoon we went to Takapuna and got some takeaway food and sat by the beach and ate it. Even though we were stuffed after our lunch/dinner =linner we decided to get some ice cream! It was also Anzac day, for all the Americans reading this day is similar to our Veterans Day.

On our way home from our outing we rented some movies and went for a walk at Soldiers Bay. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and I was happy we got to enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

It sounds and looks like you have a very enjoyable weekend. Goon on ya'. That's what life is all about.

Love ya'...


Anonymous said...

What I meant to say is...

It sounds and looks like you had a very enjoyable weekend. Good on ya'. That's what life is all about.

Love ya'...


Sometimes my fingers don't work all tha well early in the morning!

beeswax said...

I think "Goon on ya" is kind of a catchy phrase! I'll try that.
Love, MOM

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