Sunday, April 11, 2010

Australian Trip Part 1

April 1 we got up at 3am to catch a flight to the Gold Coast in Australia.
We arrived at 745 am and Jo, Grant's mum was there to pick us up and take us back to where she is living in Tweed Heads.
Grant did some surfing right away cause the waves were good.

Grant surfed while we took photos and got a drink.

After surfing we all drove south to Coffs Harbor to go camping. That is where most of Jo's family lives so we were able to visit all the aunts and uncles.

Below is the high school Jo went to while growing up in Grafton, a town along the way.

Below is Park beach, the place where we camped.

Below Grant and Adam ( Colin's son, and Colin is Jo's boyfriend) checked out the waves each morning.

Below we all went out and had coffee.
After coffee we spent most of the day at the beach swimming and we went on a bike ride.

Dinner and drinks at the camp site

That was all the first 2 days. Because of the travel and time change we felt like we had been there 5 days already.

Colin is to the left in the pic above.


beeswax said...

You sure are the adventurer! Don't know where you get that trait, probably from dad. Grant's family looks like they enjoy getting out have having fun, and you fit right in with all of that. You and Grant will have fun where ever you go.
Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Hi kiddo.

Great blog. I can hardly wait for the next installment.

It looks like you had a wonderful time, and got to meet Grant's super mum and relateives.

Love ya'...


Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

Welcome back.
Hope it's not too cold here for you!!
It definately has the 'Winter's coming' feel now with daylight savings over huh? It's getting dark so early now.

Looks like you had so much fun!
I love camping, if you can call what we do camping ;o)

Can't wait for part 2!!

Take care

Lacey said...

Looks like a great time! You're always up to something new and exciting

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