Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Australian Trip Part 2

One morning while camping we took the car to look for some good waves.

When we didn't find good enough waves Grant decided to drive us to where he use to live and go to school when he was 9 years old. We came across this giant spider. The web went from the ground all the way up past Grants head and he is 6'5.
When Grant got out to take a pic of this guy he accidentally crashed into another spider that was closer to the car and it even freaked him out.

of course the rest of the day I felt like there were things crawling on me.

We came across this fair when we were looking for some breakfast. That night we all went to Gail's house (Grant Aunt) for dinner, but sadly I forgot to take pictures =(.

The next day we biked from our camp site to this cafe for a coffee. I must say it happened to be the worst coffee of the trip! oh well at least we got a fun bike ride.
In the afternoon Colin was riding his bike and wasn't paying attention and crashed into a post. He had to be taken to emergency, he broke a finger and sprained another and he cut his leg really bad and his face and hands. Anyhow that left us with no car and nothing to do so Gail said she would drive us around and show us a few cool places in Coffs Harbor.

Gail and Grant

up the mountain.

This is a place where wild kangaroos live and hangout. There is no fence but these ones are use to people so they aren't harmful. But you don't go close because they are very dangerous if they decide to attack.

It was very windy.

Colin was fine just needed time to recover. We all went to dinner that night at Kerri and Kevin's house (Also Grant's aunt and uncle. Jo's sisters are Gail and Kerri).
More to come in the next post.
Today is my first free day since getting back so I am just getting everything put back in order.
It also happens to be Grant's b-day woop woop!


Anonymous said...

I would have totally freaked out if I bumped into that spider, I have sweaty palms looking at the photo!!
I love reading your blog, isn't it funny how someone's everday life is so entertaining!! Keep up the great work!!
Enjoy your day off!! it always takes a while to get into the groove when you return home from a holiday.
At least it's not too cold here ;o)
I'm off to Dunedin for the weekend so I'm going to freeze!!

Take care

P.S: Happy Birthday Grant!!

Lacey said...

Wow Australia is soo beautiful! That spider is disgusting but at least you left us with the cute kangaroos =)

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