Monday, April 19, 2010

Australian Trip Part 3

Now when I think back to our trip it has become a little blurry as to details and exact days and times, but I will do my best. While we were still camping in Coff Harbor and the last night of camping we went to Jo's sister Kerry's house for dinner. Because Colin had fallen off his bike earlier that day day we all decided to pack up the camp and head home the next morning. Grant and I decided to stop by all his families houses again to say good bye and then head home later in the day, but because we spent so much time we asked Gail if we could stay at her house instead.

Dinner at Kerry's

Colin showing us his scars

More family

The next day when we visited Grant's nana Monica. She had tea and cookies for us and she had photo albums out to show us pictures of when they were young. It was really nice to get to spend time talking with her.

Later in the day at the beach.
Crabs dig holes and leave all these little balls of sand on the sand surface.

On our drive back to our home base we stopped to do some surfing (for grant) and reading (me).

Below is Grant on a wave

Below him on a wave again.

I will still have more posts about Australia. We took so many pictures and did so much it is easier to break it up into a lot of sections.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, kiddo. Keep those photos coming.

Love ya'...


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