Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was Grant's 28th Birthday! We celebrated after he got off work. I got him some mixes for cocktails and some slippers and some pineapple lumps and a chocolate cake yum yum.
Around 730 we headed out to a Chinese place for dinner with his dad and brother. The food was really good, I again forgot to take some pictures.

After we got back from dinner we had some tea and cake. Sadly we both feel a little under the weather. I am hoping that it is just allergies or the climate change from Aus to NZ.
Today I have off and have been on the immigration website trying to figure out what to do with my future. I called the immigration office and heard a bunch of stuff I didn't want to. Like it takes 45 to 60 days for me to get my visa I am now applying for and right now I only have 30 days till it expires. Lets just say I am now getting a little worried. I guess I just have to think everything happens for a reason.


beeswax said...

What a hot couple!!! Happy Birthday Grant. You're right, things happen for a reason... just have to wait to find out what the reason is???
Love you,

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