Sunday, April 18, 2010


Friday night we all decided to go out for a few drinks for Grant's b-day. I drove us to our old house for pre drinks and because we decided to go to a bar I said I would not drink ahead of time and drive us to the bar and then drink there and get a cab home.
For some stupid reason everyone decided to go to the Neighborhood bar in Kingsland, which is really a far drive considering we were planning on getting a cab home (would have been $60 cab ride).
We get to the bar everyone orders a drink and then one of us (I will keep nameless cause it doesn't matter) says they are too hungry and want to leave. I was ready to go from the second we got there. To paint a picture of the bar, it is the sort of place that is waaaaaay to crowded (there is no where to sit or stand), it is waaaay to loud with music and everyone screaming over the music it is really hard to hear anything, and it is full of people posing and trying to look cool and see who they may know and who might know them (like anyone can give a shit about that).

Anyways because I had only 3 sips of my wine before everyone said lets go I gave the rest of my drink away and said I would drive us all home (yay for the sober sister saved $60).

Jasmine and me

Grant, Elin, and Drunk Drunk Matt

Saturday morning we decided to drive north all the way up to Ship Wreck Bay on the West Coast. The drive takes 4 hours. We arrived and met Mike and Jasmine and Eagles for all the boys to have a surf. This beach is not easy to get to you have to drive on the sand and along the rocks to get to the good surf spots. When we finally got to the surf spot they surfed while we sat bored to death in the car. From the surfing it was back in the car to drive an hour to Grant's bach for the night.

Today Sunday morning we woke up at 7am to drive an hour back to the beach and around the rocks. The driving had to be timed to be around the rocks when the tide was out. We got around while the tide was out and parked up while the tide came in. The guys surfed and we sat (boring), then it got really annoying cause the guys all came in saying the surf sucked and we were all stuck on the beach for 3 hours waiting for the tide to go out. Finally Grant and I decided to walk around all the rocks back to his car that we left by the front of the beach about a 30 min walk. Then we started the drive home 4 hours. I am so sick of driving!
At least we got out this weekend, but I feel really worn out and tired, not sure if it was really worth all the trouble. I know if I was stuck home all weekend I would have been bored maybe I am never happy.

Drive, Drive, Drive

Grant lost the plot with this guy driving in front of us. He was going 50k on a 100k road and then did not pull into the passing lane. I bet you can imagine what happened, thats right a lot of yelling and screaming and finally a dialogue that sounded like this, Grant talking "you know what I want to do? I want to pull off with that guy and just ask him why he did not pull into the passing lane. I would say I am not going to punch you I just want to know what your problem is? are you the self appointed traffic police or what?" I only wish this was a real conversation that I could have video taped!
The rocks we had to drive and walk over.

Little surfer

My face out the window, I asked Grant to take a pic of me and this is what I got voom voom!

The good wave day.

Wax on Wax off

Drive home!


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