Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday Morning

Today is Saturday yay! I have no idea what we will do today, but I plan to work on my drawing that I have to get done before I go home in May. I swear I have been meaning to work on the drawing everyday but there is always something that distracts me and somehow I waste a whole day doing something else.

I just got done with my morning routine. What I do is I open my computer and while that warms up I make oatmeal and coffee and sit in front of my computer and check my e-mails and read the blogs that I like. Today I am starting out annoyed because the internet has slowed down to a crawl! The internet connection in NZ sucks ass! Every single month about half way through we must run out of our amount or something, but I can not take how slow the internet goes! I might have a conversation with our roommates about getting more MBs.

Anyways nothing new is going on, Grant and I tried to have our fifth or so conversation about where we might go in the future last night and of course it got us no where. We would not have to have any conversations if it wasn't for immigration and figuring out where we will be living for the next few years. The deal right now is if I don't apply for residency in the next few months it will probably be my last year I can stay in NZ. The thing about the residency is it is a commitment that we will live here for the next 3 years, and 2 of the years I must be in NZ for 6 months of each year. Soooo if I applied for residency then there is no way we could go to Australia to live and there is no way we could go to the USA to live (for 3 years).
The other option would be for us to get married and move to the USA but we are not ready to get married yet.
The third option is for us not do the residency in NZ and move to Australia and do the residency there. The only thing with doing that is the cost to do that there is triple the amount of doing it here.
Sooo there is a lot to think about and it does not really help having all our family in each country, like a tug of war!

There are plus and minuses for each place also!
NZ= would be cheaper to get residency, all Grants friends are here, his brother and dad are here, and we both have jobs and all our crap is here. Plus NZ is Beautiful, Safe and known to both of us. The minuses are it feels sort of small to me like I am a little trapped, none of my family or friends are here, and it is hard to find new friends and affordable places to live.

USA= Of course all my family and friends are there, it is an awesome place to live!, sunny all the time (CA), cheap everything; clothes, food, apartments, stuff to do all the time with different people ie friends and fam. Minuses would be it has lots of crime, over crowding, not as beautiful, pushy pace of life, for us neither of us have jobs there or a place to live and we would not only have to get married but we would still have to prove our relationship and fill out forms.

Australia= Grants family are there, lots of sun, something to explore, somewhat safe, make more money there, stuff is more affordable. Minuses would be having to pay lots for immigration, having to start from scratch with jobs and housing and friends (but could be lots of fun). Unsure of where we would go to even start to live, and of course still away from my family.

Anyways lots of decisions to be made in the next few months.


beeswax said...

U S A !! U S A !!

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