Friday, May 7, 2010

6 Days till I am On the Plane

Only 6 days left till I am flying home to see my family and friends and I can not wait!!!!
This morning my mom and Ryder (My cousins little boy) Skyped Grant and I. I told him I will see you next week! I am not going to want to leave ahahahhahah!

Last night I put on a dress in the hopes of going out and we texted a few friends and no one was doing anything. Alina had invited us out for a few drinks but Grant pointed out the fact that there was no way for us to get there or back without wasting $100 dollars in taxis. So we sat home and did nothing I acctually fell asleep on the couch around 9pm so maybe going out wouldn't have been the right thing anyhow or maybe I fell asleep out of bordom. It sort of reminded me of when I was in university getting all dressed up and waiting by the phone in hopes of getting asked out and then realizing its not going to happen and falling asleep. oh well that is life its not always tons of fun.

About an hour ago Grant said he is going surfing for a few hours, which left me with the choice of either going along and sitting in the car reading or staying home. I was all set on going when he mentioned it is a long walk from the car to the beach. My response was, "so I will be sitting in a car in a parking lot just waiting or I will be walking all the way to the beach with you to sit on wet sand and wait by my self". Sounds like fun... NOT! I am getting so sick of being alone!

My plan is to go for a swim(indoor pool) since the weather out side is looking pretty crappy.


Anonymous said...

In six days you're going to be far from alone!

Love ya'...


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