Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Tuesday my mom and I went and got our hair cut, out to lunch, and then we got massages. The massage was good but it sort of hurt too hahahha. In between all of that we did some shopping also. Tuesday night we went to my mom's water color class, which is a class that I use to go to also until I moved away. Below is the water colors that we did that night, it was a project class which is where the teacher gives you a picture to paint and also tells you and shows you how she does it step by step. That explains why I don't think mine is very good. I am use to painting in a my own style and I normally don't paint pictures from other peoples paintings. Anyhow it didn't turn out that much different from the painting we were copying.

The top painting is mine and the bottom one is my mom's(both of them are not finished)

Wednesday we got ready and drove down to my Grandpa's shop to meet everyone for Mexican food lunch. It was really great to see everyone and catch up!

After lunch my mom and I drove down to Amanda's house and we took Ryder to his swim lesson. He is really good, learning how to float on his back and turn over. The swim lesson is only 15 minutes which is really good for a 2 year old that way they don't get too tired.

After swim we all went out to dinner meeting Kieth (Amanda's husband) and Roy (my uncle) there.

After dinner Amanda did my eye brows, that is what she does for a living. She does eyebrow shaping, facials, and tattoo make up and she is really good at it!

Here are the eye brows!
Today we are going to Lacey's house to show her how to do a water color that she really liked of my mom's.
This weekend we are making plans to go to San Diego for one night, should be tons of fun!


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