Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day at Disney Land

Monday morning we all went to Disney Land. My mom and I met Amanda and Ryder at Lacey's house so we could all carpool together. It is so hard to coordinate kids and grownups and Disney, but we did it! We parked in the Goofy section and headed into the park. Keith met us in the Park and we all headed to our first ride. The Buzz Light year ride was a glow in the dark ride that I have never been on.

At the front of the park.

Buzz light year ride.

After the Buzz ride we went on the Alice in Wonderland kid ride and then headed to toon town and went on the roger rabbit ride. From toon town we got on the train and went to down town Disney for Mexican lunch. Its always cheaper to eat outside of Disney Land.

After lunch Keith had to go to work and we headed back into the park. Amanda and I went on Thunder Mountain and while Ryder slept the rest of us went on the Winnie the poo ride. When everyone was awake we went on the pirates of the Caribbean ride and ended with the Jungle Cruise.

Ryder is scared of the characters hahahhahah


Below is the Jungle Cruise

Right before Lacey and Amanda left with the kids

When my mom and I were left alone we wanted to check out space mountain. We walked all the way over and saw that it was a 45 minute wait. The ride has been redone since I have been there last and I wanted to check it out but not if it was going to mean waiting for 45 minutes! By then we were so tired we both decided that it was time to get home.


Lacey said...

I love D land even if it is a hassle dragging a kid around ahha. You got a lot of good pics I have to steal. I think everyone was falling asleep on the train. That sucks the wait was so long for space mtn!

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