Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Fun

Thursday we all went to Lacey's house for a painting project. We had such a great time, it doesn't matter that the projects weren't that great hahahha. The guys got us some pizza for dinner and we all hung out till it was dark.

of course Ryder and Dean had a really fun time playing together!

We all ate so much we felt sick.
Today, Friday we stayed at home working on art projects most of the day. I am almost done with my second drawing for the NHRA museum and my mom was able to finish another page for a website she is making.
Tomorrow will be the big fun. Me, my mom, Amanda, and Lacey are all driving down to San Diego to have a girls weekend! I think the only plan is to look cute and drink and party, should be easy!


Anonymous said...

WOW Shannon...where did all those awesome curls come from???

Lookin' good!!

Take Care

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