Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Party

Sunday we had all of our family over to celebrate my coming home. It was great! We had Mexican food and my dad made margaritas yum yum! It was really great getting to see everyone and to catch up on what I have been missing while I have been in NZ. Thankfully the weather cooperated with the schedule and it turned out to be a beautiful warm day.

My Parents and the Margarator!

The Gang.

Me and my uncle Carl (Lacey and Kristen's dad, Mom's older brother)

Above to the left is Roy Jr (Amanda's dad, moms younger brother)

Ryder and Dean eating away.

Above is my cousins Lacey and Kristen and their mom Kathleen and then me and Amanda.

Above clockwise is; Gerry (Grant my cousin's mom's partner), my mom, my Grandpa, Lynn (my step grandma) and Grant my cousin.

I got the boys some matching t-shirts when I was in Australia, they were so cute when I gave it to them.



Dean having a good laugh!
We all had such a great time that we are going to have another going away party right before I leave, but with more people and a karaoke machine.
Today is Monday and all day today I have had back to back doctor appointments! There is nothing wrong with me they were all just general check ups.
Doctor, Dentist, and Optometrist= not very fun. At least in between check ups I did some shopping. I got a cute shirt and dress for me and 2 new purses that I love and I found some cool stuff for Grant, I won't say what because it is a surprise. Tonight we are just planning to relax at home.


Lacey said...

Welcome home! I had so much fun yesterday. Glad you posted this so I can steal your pics! Cant wait to get together again.

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