Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finally Home

Yesterday I finally arrived home after a long flight and long drive from the airport. I was lucky to have been able to sleep on the flight. I slept from around 11pm NZ time till about 6am NZ time, a full nights sleep. I was afraid that my dog Lili might have forgotten me but she didn't! She was very excited to see me. It is so nice to be home and get to spend time with my family.
After putting my stuff in my room and taking a few pictures we headed straight out to dinner.

My welcome home sign!

My room with a pretty new duvet.

I was surprised that I was able to stay up the whole day and woke up this morning at 6am feeling fine.
The plan so far today is to do some shopping and then later tonight some of my friends are going to come over for dinner and we are all going to go out to roller derby. Should be lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

You look SOOOO happy!!!

Have a FAB time!!

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