Sunday, May 30, 2010

Party Harty

It all began at 4pm on Saturday, the fun that is! We had lots of family and friends over to celebrate; Amanda's 1st anniversary, my going away next week, Grant's graduation, LiLi and Kristen and Sean's b-day and finally just because.
My Aunt Lisa and Gerry brought their karaoke gear and we all let loose. It started with my mom singing Day-o Daaay-o and just got crazier from that point on. Everyone drank tons of margaritas and sang their hearts out!

Lisa and Peter above
Below Dad and Neil

Everyone eating all the pot luck food, yummy!

Cousin Grant playing cars with Dean.

The first song Day-o By Kathy and Dean.

At first everyone said "I am not going to sing" But low and Behold everyone sang!

Gerry, Mom, and Amanda singing!



The Three Kathy's hahahhaha

Even Buzz and Woody had a great time!

Below we are doing our gang signs, or maybe they are more like our drunk signs?

I have my air microphone!

Ok this picture needs an explanation. Above sister Lacey is putting a Gandhi dot on Kristen's head because she kept doing a Buddha type dance where she put her hands together over her head and then made her head go from side to side.

Sooo funny! PS Kristen might have been the drunkest!

Sing it girl!

Dean fell asleep mid party.

Cleaning up and saying good bye.
Videos to come in my next blog!


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