Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roller Derby

Saturday Afternoon we went shopping at Costco! I came across some sleeping bags for a really good deal that I might go back and get.

I also took this picture of a 24 pack of beer for 22 dollars just so I could remind Grant of how cheap it is here for alcohol hahhahaha.

Around 5:30 the neighbors came over for a quick dinner before we went out with the Peron Family for the roller derby. Below is a picture of Carol's grand children Chris and Even (non identical twins). They are very cute and have very different personalities.

Carol and Evan

Me and Chris

Kelly and I are here at the roller derby. All I am going to say is for me roller derby is a once in a life time experience that everyone should see. We had a great time and for everyone who has no idea what roller derby is, it is sort of like WWE on roller skates.

Cathy and Kathy Below

My dad and Tim (Kelly's dad) went with us too but sadly the 2 pictures we took of them turned out so bad that I decided to not put them up. After the crazy roller derby game we all went to a close bar for a few drinks.
Today is Sunday and around 12 noon all my fanily is coming over for a BBQ. I can't wait to see everyone =)


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