Monday, May 24, 2010

San Diego

Last Saturday afternoon we took a girls trip to San Diego for the night. We arrived at the hotel and unpacked and started to get ready for the night.

Fancy posing

Pre drinks in the room

For some reason we took a really short bike ride up the street hahahha.

We had a really yummy dinner at a steak place where you cook your own steak!

Getting drunk I would say

Big conversation

Below we are grilling our steak. Amanda is telling all the guys what to do hahhaha and for some reason they are listening.

After a yummy dinner we hit up a few more bars. Below is this really creepy old man that Amanda was jokingly dancing with. It was especially funny when the guy picked her up and spun her around hahhaha!

The next morning I personally woke up with a huge hangover (I thought I was going to die). Everyone else was fine, must be because I don't drink very often anymore. I walked to breakfast with everyone and quickly realized I would not make it through watching people eat! So I walked back to the hotel by my self and went back to sleep.

I was sick the whole day till around 2pm!

Here I am finally able to eat something with out throwing up hahahha (it was not fun).
Today, Monday, the same group of us plus the kids went to Disney Land. That will be a blog all on its own.


Anonymous said...

Girls just want to have fun.

Love ya'...


Lacey said...

I had so much fun with you guys in SD. Thanks SOOOOO much for inviting me! Wish you didnt get that nasty hangover =( Love the pic of your mom pillow posing ahha

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