Sunday, May 2, 2010

Surf, Sandwich Maker,and a hike!!!!

Friday night we didn't do much accept drink margaritas and eat nachos. Of course in celebration of my visa. Saturday morning Grant had plans to have a friend and fellow surfer come and pick him up and go north for a morning surf. After waiting about an hour with a sad face I said I don't know if your friend is coming but I will go with you. So we made the trip up north and he had a good surf. I sat in the car reading after a short walk because it was raining on and off. The funny thing was after about 20 minutes I got tired and crawled in the back seat and took a nap when at the same time Grant came back and assumed that I was on a walk cause he could not see me in the car. He waited about 30 min out side of the car until I woke up and sat up and he turned around and saw me in the unlocked car. ahahhahahhaha I laughed so hard but he said F*ck hahha he wasn't mad but now he knows to always check the car.
Below we are on our way to Te Ari beach.

Below Grant is in the middle walking to the waves.

On my walk I saw a penguin on the rock across from me. I attempted to go see it closer but it was rocky and slippery and I thought I might slip and get hurt and no one would find me for hours. SO I didn't go.

When we were almost home we started talking about getting a sandwich press. When we were close we decided we can not live without one so we stopped by a store and the one that we decided we wanted they did not have one that was not broken so we drove to the next store and got one there. Then we got home and made a toasted sandwich yum yum.
This morning we got up and used our sandwich press to make pancakes and hash browns and eggs! Its already gone to good use. I really think we will use it every week maybe everyday. After breakfast we took off to go on a hike at kare kare. It was a 40 minute hike and not very easy, mainly because the trail was sort of over grown. Anyhow we had a good weekend and I guess I am ready for another week of work, if anyone is ever ready.


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