Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Party on Wednesday

Last night after work we met up with some friends for Elin's (Grant's friend Matt's girl friend) birthday. The place we went is a steak house called Tony's. The food was really good, my only complaint was that it seemed a little over priced for the amount that most people got. Grant made a good point though saying that if they gave everyone more food then either it would go to waste or you would eat it and feel stuffed and sick. He is probably right I guess I just always leave wondering if a weeks worth of groceries would have been better then one meal. I guess that is just life hahhaha plus we didn't want to miss the party.

Everyone had a good time. I came straight from work rushed home and changed and we were off to town. That explains my puffy crazy looking hair!

After dinner everyone is saying good bye even though they all live together hahhaha.

There were a lot of other people at the party I just felt it would be rude to take pictures of them.
Just to let everyone know that the recipe that I made in the last post turned out OK. It really was lacking in flavour and because there was so much liquid in the crock pot I added some extra rice which turned out to be a bad idea because it made way too much rice and it made the rice turn to mush! Anyhow we both ate it and Grant never complained not one time, what a good guy. Also when I made the comment that it isn't very good he just said well you just got the crock pot so give it some time and practice. Isn't that a nice thing to say!
Soon I will be trying stuffed bell peppers, we will see how that turns out?
Good news on the house hunt. The place we applied for accepted us and soon we will be moving. Not looking forward to the move but looking forward to the new place yay!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner In the Morning

Now that I have a crock pot I can make dinner in the morning hahahha. This morning so far I dropped off our application for the new place to rent, did laundry, and went grocery shopping. Then I made dinner, well not really, I just threw some food in the crock pot. I found a recipe and decided to change it a little and hope and pray it comes out alright.

I took 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts and cut them in half. Then I chopped up some mushrooms and mixed them with a can of mushroom soup and 1 1/2 cups milk and a cup of rice. Then I poured the mixture over the chicken. We will see if it turns out or not. I know I can make this same recipe on the stove so hope it works in the crock pot.

The rest of today will be spent painting =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Out on the Town

Yesterday I went to view an apartment for rent. It is really nice! Two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room with a fire place, a bathroom with a shower and a tub, and a deck in the back, and a garage. I know to most people that sounds like a normal place but you would be shocked at some of the really horrible looking places that people are trying to rent out for tons of money! So after I saw this great place that doesn't cost too much more then what we pay now I raced home to fill out the application form. We are still waiting on a few things we need to fill out, but the form will be ready to turn in on Monday. I really hope we get the place because I am sick and tired of living where we are now. I can already imagine cooking in my own kitchen and being able to hang our art, and all sorts of cool things that we can't do now.

For dinner I met Alina in Ponsonby. We got a drink and had dinner at this really cute pizza place. I ended up eating my whole pizza, it was enough to split with another person but I ate the whole thing, I didn't feel too bad cause Alina ate her whole pizza also lol. It was great to catch up without the guys there, mainly we talked about them hahahha and a whole bunch of stuff that would have bored them to tears. When Alina was leaving (she was driving herself so could not drink much) Grant came and met me for a drink and drove us home. I could have driven cause I only had a few drinks and ate a whole pizza but I thought I didn't want to take a chance, now I am wondering though if I should have driven cause my car is still in town and Grant went surfing so I am stuck at home. Unless I take a bus and get my car? Nah I think I am too lazy today.

Today I plan to work on my painting and tonight I am pretty sure we are going out to watch the rugby game.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Awww Freak Out

Just like the song I feel as though I am going to freak out. The internet here is so slow that my e-mail will barley open and I have gone to plugging the cable line straight in to my computer which seems to make no difference at all. The only difference is I am sitting upstairs and freezing my ass off instead of in the comfortable warmth of our space down stairs. Any how my next step is to call some of the internet companies and ask them some questions and then get my own connection since no one around here seem to give a rat's ass about how freaking slow this connection is. I would give a $100 a month to someone to make this work all the time, fast, and with no problems! So there!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crock Pot

Last week I bought a crock pot and today is the first time that I put food in it in the morning and left it all day. I prepared the food the night before and then this morning I put it all in and set it on low. When we came home from work the food was ready. I put veggies and a whole chicken in the crock pot and it turned out good.
Because the veggies and everything was in the same pot it all tasted similar but very moist and yummy. I really liked coming home and having dinner done especially after already having made a whole dinner at the end of work nannying.
Besides the crock pot not much else is going on. Time to go to bed since I have to be up at 6am in the morning for work. Yay!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Decisions

A weekend is full of decisions! Saturday I made a great decision to visit Mel! We caught up on everything that has been going on and I got to see how big Ruby is getting. Grant went surfing and I am happy I had something fun to do while he did that. Nothing is worse then sitting home alone with nothing to do or worse sitting in a car while it rains and you wait for someone to surf hahhaa.
Saturday night and Sunday ended up being a different story. Saturday night was going well we had Mexican food and margaritas and looking for something to do Grant said lets go by Crocketts. Thinking that they might be doing something and that they could discuss the surf plan for Sunday. Anyhow we get there and they are all in a bad mood, and to top it off they are watching some horribly annoying show on tv instead of the all black game. Why we didn't leave right away I do not know. Instead Grant just kept trying to talk to everyone who clearly did not want to be social. I went home slightly disappointed because I had been told we would do something fun that night. I let it go though not every night can be fun.
Sunday morning comes and Grant says he is going surfing. I then start to get very sad thinking about how I will have nothing to do all day and will be alone. This normally would not bug me but when I am alone most days I like my weekends to be more social. Anyhow he says that no one wants to go with him and that he will just forget it. Crockett then invites us to go to the movies with them. We meet them for lunch and when we get there they are just finishing eating so we order and then they say they are going for a walk, then we are rushed to get to the movies and we sit in different areas and when the movie is over they just leave! In the end we could have not even gone with them and probably had a better time. Come to find out later that Grant really had wanted to surf all along and was in a terrible mood. I guess in the end neither of us were happy. Hopefully this week and weekend will be better.
Little Ruby

She is super cute! Just on the brink of walking.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Feeling 100%

I can not believe that I have not blogged since Monday! I always get irritated when I check other friends and families blogs and nothing has changed for days on end, and now sadly that is me. I guess I have a few excuses. First off since I got back from the USA for some reason I seem to have a head cold. I will not say I am sick because I have felt fine besides having a stuffed nose and a cough from the stuffed nose. I seem to fit in fine here with my head cold since everyone that I see has the same cough! Any who After working Tuesday and Wednesday 10 hours each day I simply did not have time to blog and Yesterday I got a head ache so the thought of being on the computer was not appealing.

My second excuse is that the internet connection here has gone back to a snails crawl! I have mentioned it to the roommates before and nothing was done so instead of being a pain in the a** I am going to just ignore that it is slow and stay off the internet. Now that Grant uses the internet also he has become annoyed and I told him maybe you should go and talk to them about the problem so there!

I have decided it is time to go back to working out and eating less! Ever since we went to Australia in April my food life has been a free for all. I have had no eating plan and what ever has been offered has been eaten and now sadly it is time to start eating healthy again. Not only do I feel out of shape but I feel slow and tired. I need to eat less sugary things, the only problem is lately the thought of eating any vegetables makes me want to be sick. I guess I will have to add them in slowly.

On the work front, on Wednesday I noticed the little boy I watch scratching his head and he even said "my head is itching." SO naturally I said "hold still I will have a look." He gladly sat there while I looked through his now short hair. Guess what I found? Lice!!! Little lice were throughout his head! I was so freaked out yuck! I text his mom and that night she came home a little early and we both did lice extermination! I did his head she did the little girls head. While using the nit comb I found probably 7 lice. I was so freaked out that when I got home I had Grant look for them in my hair and thankfully we didn't find anything!

What we will do this weekend is still up in the air. Grant thought the waves would be good both days in Coremandel and we could find a place to stay the night, but now I guess it only looks good one day so we might not stay anywhere over night. I wanted to get together with Mel so if the waves are good one day maybe I could see her the other day or maybe go on my own and visit. As of now we have no idea.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Wild Weekend.

First off I would like to go back to the day I came back to NZ. One of the gifts I got for Grant and I to share is a snuggie. It is a blue blanket with arms, so when you are sitting on the couch freezing you can have your arms in the blanket but still be able to use them. Grant was so excited that later that night he decided to wear the snuggie as an out fit! I personally think he looks like Jesus in the below photo LOL!

Back to this last weekend. Friday was my day to catch up on everything that got crazy while I was away. I cleaned the whole place and did laundry. I also got us a new duvet and a clothes drying rack. Friday night we went out for kebobs and visited some friends.

Saturday was great we got to sleep in and make a yummy brunch. While I was trying to organize the "kitchen" I told Grant that I wanted to go to the warehouse and get a cupboard to put all of our food in. So we not only got that but we also got a new rug.

Here he is making the cupboard.

It is so great to have everything organized and put away.

After the whole reorganization we went out and met Tom and Alina in town. In the picture above I don't know who the guy in the blue shirt is (its not tom).

Above is Tom, the Bartender Cuba (a friend) and Grant.
Tom and Alina had a plan to leave the bar at 11pm to catch the bus back to their house. Apparently the bus did not stop for them and they came back in the bar and said they were going to have to take a cab. Grant being the nice guy he is said that he would take them home.
When we got to Alina's new place it was sort of late and they invited us to stay the night so we slept on their futon. In the morning we drove to Whatipu beach because neither of us had ever been there and we were already out that way.

It was freezing and raining on and off. We looked for a pot of gold but never found it.

The beach was beautiful.

This is what I love about NZ.

Below there was a wind tunnel, Grant was flying hahahhaha

On our way back we drove up a road exploring and came across this Dam. Isn't it cool looking!

Once back home we finished putting the house back together!

Looks good to me!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Week Back

Rain, sun, and rainbows were happening all day today. Considering it rained on and off all day today it turned out to not be an ideal laundry day (we don't have a dryer). After doing the laundry and deciding that we need another drying rack and opening the fridge and seeing we have no food I headed out to the stores.
I ended up getting a drying rack, a wool blanket for the bed, and groceries. I also stopped by the thrift store to see if there was any furniture to help organize our kitchen area. There wasn't anything that looked like it would work.

My first week back at work was ok. The first day the kids were very excited to see me and I truly think they missed me. I guess because most of the time they treat me like a parent(you know attitude and disagreeing with everything) I assumed they would be happy to get a break from me, but it turns out they missed me. Even the mom said they asked how many sleeps till Shannon comes back hahah isn't that cute. To further prove they did not forget me the little boy asked if we could listen to the Beatles in the car (cause I often put that CD on).

By my second and third day of work I was very tired, I think the jet lag finally caught up with me! Besides doing laundry today I also cleaned our entire place even mopping! This weekend I plan to relax and hopefully we will go out and have some fun!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back in NZ

I am back in NZ! I started work the day after I got back so I have been very busy. The kids remembered me and they were both very cute and sweet when I first arrived, thanking me for returning hahaha. About mid day they returned to thier normal selves, didn't take long.

I will have more to write when I get more time. I miss eveyone at home and hope you can all come and visit soon.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time to Leave

Today is my last day in CA till I can come to visit again! Leaving tonight =( I am going to miss everyone here soooooo much!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Sorts

"Hey Lady, you breaka my little business" hahhahaha my mom and I were just talking in her office right now and for some reason we remembered the cruise we took to Mexico(several years ago). A man on the beach was selling jewelry and said a necklace was $20 and my mom said how about $5, the man replied "Lady you breaka my little business" ahhhahhaha we are still laughing now!

This week we have mainly been hanging around La Verne.

Today (Wednesday) we drove down to Orange County and had lunch with my grandpa and from there we drove down to visit Amanda and Ryder.

He is so cute!

He loves playing outside in the water even though it isn't that warm outside.

Amanda did my eye brows one last time =( I wish I could take her to NZ with me she is the only one who knows how to make them look really good!

Here we are all just joking around

On our way home we stopped my Buca de Beppo (Italian food) and brought dinner home to enjoy with some yummy wine.

Tomorrow I am meeting Kelly in the morning for a late breakfast and later in the day we are going to LA for some excitement.
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