Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Sorts

"Hey Lady, you breaka my little business" hahhahaha my mom and I were just talking in her office right now and for some reason we remembered the cruise we took to Mexico(several years ago). A man on the beach was selling jewelry and said a necklace was $20 and my mom said how about $5, the man replied "Lady you breaka my little business" ahhhahhaha we are still laughing now!

This week we have mainly been hanging around La Verne.

Today (Wednesday) we drove down to Orange County and had lunch with my grandpa and from there we drove down to visit Amanda and Ryder.

He is so cute!

He loves playing outside in the water even though it isn't that warm outside.

Amanda did my eye brows one last time =( I wish I could take her to NZ with me she is the only one who knows how to make them look really good!

Here we are all just joking around

On our way home we stopped my Buca de Beppo (Italian food) and brought dinner home to enjoy with some yummy wine.

Tomorrow I am meeting Kelly in the morning for a late breakfast and later in the day we are going to LA for some excitement.


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