Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Week Back

Rain, sun, and rainbows were happening all day today. Considering it rained on and off all day today it turned out to not be an ideal laundry day (we don't have a dryer). After doing the laundry and deciding that we need another drying rack and opening the fridge and seeing we have no food I headed out to the stores.
I ended up getting a drying rack, a wool blanket for the bed, and groceries. I also stopped by the thrift store to see if there was any furniture to help organize our kitchen area. There wasn't anything that looked like it would work.

My first week back at work was ok. The first day the kids were very excited to see me and I truly think they missed me. I guess because most of the time they treat me like a parent(you know attitude and disagreeing with everything) I assumed they would be happy to get a break from me, but it turns out they missed me. Even the mom said they asked how many sleeps till Shannon comes back hahah isn't that cute. To further prove they did not forget me the little boy asked if we could listen to the Beatles in the car (cause I often put that CD on).

By my second and third day of work I was very tired, I think the jet lag finally caught up with me! Besides doing laundry today I also cleaned our entire place even mopping! This weekend I plan to relax and hopefully we will go out and have some fun!


Anna said...

Gah - Our laundry took about 4 days to finish drying and only because we put a heater up to it!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're back in NZ already!!!
We sooooo need o catch up as it's not long til we go to the US and I need to know what brand of hairdryer an straightener to buy!!

We hope you're adjusting ok...

Take care
Mel (& Craig & Ruby)

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