Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Feeling 100%

I can not believe that I have not blogged since Monday! I always get irritated when I check other friends and families blogs and nothing has changed for days on end, and now sadly that is me. I guess I have a few excuses. First off since I got back from the USA for some reason I seem to have a head cold. I will not say I am sick because I have felt fine besides having a stuffed nose and a cough from the stuffed nose. I seem to fit in fine here with my head cold since everyone that I see has the same cough! Any who After working Tuesday and Wednesday 10 hours each day I simply did not have time to blog and Yesterday I got a head ache so the thought of being on the computer was not appealing.

My second excuse is that the internet connection here has gone back to a snails crawl! I have mentioned it to the roommates before and nothing was done so instead of being a pain in the a** I am going to just ignore that it is slow and stay off the internet. Now that Grant uses the internet also he has become annoyed and I told him maybe you should go and talk to them about the problem so there!

I have decided it is time to go back to working out and eating less! Ever since we went to Australia in April my food life has been a free for all. I have had no eating plan and what ever has been offered has been eaten and now sadly it is time to start eating healthy again. Not only do I feel out of shape but I feel slow and tired. I need to eat less sugary things, the only problem is lately the thought of eating any vegetables makes me want to be sick. I guess I will have to add them in slowly.

On the work front, on Wednesday I noticed the little boy I watch scratching his head and he even said "my head is itching." SO naturally I said "hold still I will have a look." He gladly sat there while I looked through his now short hair. Guess what I found? Lice!!! Little lice were throughout his head! I was so freaked out yuck! I text his mom and that night she came home a little early and we both did lice extermination! I did his head she did the little girls head. While using the nit comb I found probably 7 lice. I was so freaked out that when I got home I had Grant look for them in my hair and thankfully we didn't find anything!

What we will do this weekend is still up in the air. Grant thought the waves would be good both days in Coremandel and we could find a place to stay the night, but now I guess it only looks good one day so we might not stay anywhere over night. I wanted to get together with Mel so if the waves are good one day maybe I could see her the other day or maybe go on my own and visit. As of now we have no idea.


beeswax said...

You should start eating soup. Make a big pot of chicken broth with loads of veges, cabbage, carrots, you know lady. That will help with the head cold, keep you warm and also is a great diet starter. You need to get a crock pot!! You can buy one while you're out today.
My head itches just talking about lice.
Thanks for blogging.
Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

You so do need a crock pot!! You can cook so much in them!! I have quite a few slow cooker books you can have a look through and copy recipes.
We have the same 'winter bugs', wish they'd turn into something or just go away!!
It will be great to catch up, I don't think we have seen you since Grants last haircut - Ruby is almost walking now so you will notice huge changes in her.

I'm itching now too thinking about lice.

Take care, keep warm and listen to your mothers advice :o)


beeswax said...

Mel.... you need to get onto Facebook. You can follow everyone's daily activities and not have to wait for the blogs.

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