Friday, June 25, 2010

Out on the Town

Yesterday I went to view an apartment for rent. It is really nice! Two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room with a fire place, a bathroom with a shower and a tub, and a deck in the back, and a garage. I know to most people that sounds like a normal place but you would be shocked at some of the really horrible looking places that people are trying to rent out for tons of money! So after I saw this great place that doesn't cost too much more then what we pay now I raced home to fill out the application form. We are still waiting on a few things we need to fill out, but the form will be ready to turn in on Monday. I really hope we get the place because I am sick and tired of living where we are now. I can already imagine cooking in my own kitchen and being able to hang our art, and all sorts of cool things that we can't do now.

For dinner I met Alina in Ponsonby. We got a drink and had dinner at this really cute pizza place. I ended up eating my whole pizza, it was enough to split with another person but I ate the whole thing, I didn't feel too bad cause Alina ate her whole pizza also lol. It was great to catch up without the guys there, mainly we talked about them hahahha and a whole bunch of stuff that would have bored them to tears. When Alina was leaving (she was driving herself so could not drink much) Grant came and met me for a drink and drove us home. I could have driven cause I only had a few drinks and ate a whole pizza but I thought I didn't want to take a chance, now I am wondering though if I should have driven cause my car is still in town and Grant went surfing so I am stuck at home. Unless I take a bus and get my car? Nah I think I am too lazy today.

Today I plan to work on my painting and tonight I am pretty sure we are going out to watch the rugby game.


beeswax said...

I miss you. Just want you to know that.
Love, Your MAMA

Anonymous said...

I have my fingers crossed that you'll get the new apartment because I know what a positive effect it would have on virtually every aspect of your lives.

Love ya'...


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