Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Decisions

A weekend is full of decisions! Saturday I made a great decision to visit Mel! We caught up on everything that has been going on and I got to see how big Ruby is getting. Grant went surfing and I am happy I had something fun to do while he did that. Nothing is worse then sitting home alone with nothing to do or worse sitting in a car while it rains and you wait for someone to surf hahhaa.
Saturday night and Sunday ended up being a different story. Saturday night was going well we had Mexican food and margaritas and looking for something to do Grant said lets go by Crocketts. Thinking that they might be doing something and that they could discuss the surf plan for Sunday. Anyhow we get there and they are all in a bad mood, and to top it off they are watching some horribly annoying show on tv instead of the all black game. Why we didn't leave right away I do not know. Instead Grant just kept trying to talk to everyone who clearly did not want to be social. I went home slightly disappointed because I had been told we would do something fun that night. I let it go though not every night can be fun.
Sunday morning comes and Grant says he is going surfing. I then start to get very sad thinking about how I will have nothing to do all day and will be alone. This normally would not bug me but when I am alone most days I like my weekends to be more social. Anyhow he says that no one wants to go with him and that he will just forget it. Crockett then invites us to go to the movies with them. We meet them for lunch and when we get there they are just finishing eating so we order and then they say they are going for a walk, then we are rushed to get to the movies and we sit in different areas and when the movie is over they just leave! In the end we could have not even gone with them and probably had a better time. Come to find out later that Grant really had wanted to surf all along and was in a terrible mood. I guess in the end neither of us were happy. Hopefully this week and weekend will be better.
Little Ruby

She is super cute! Just on the brink of walking.


Anonymous said...

It was great to catch up with you too's been ages!!

I think Ruby is super cute too, but I'm biased!!! I really thought she was going to walk the other day when you were here...oh well, she's big enough mischief without walking!!

Take care

(thanks for all the US tips)

beeswax said...

Easy to say... hard to do... but you need your own friends there. Join an art club, do something with girls your age. I know, hard to do.
Ruby is a doll. Soon I'll get to see them all, here.

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