Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Wild Weekend.

First off I would like to go back to the day I came back to NZ. One of the gifts I got for Grant and I to share is a snuggie. It is a blue blanket with arms, so when you are sitting on the couch freezing you can have your arms in the blanket but still be able to use them. Grant was so excited that later that night he decided to wear the snuggie as an out fit! I personally think he looks like Jesus in the below photo LOL!

Back to this last weekend. Friday was my day to catch up on everything that got crazy while I was away. I cleaned the whole place and did laundry. I also got us a new duvet and a clothes drying rack. Friday night we went out for kebobs and visited some friends.

Saturday was great we got to sleep in and make a yummy brunch. While I was trying to organize the "kitchen" I told Grant that I wanted to go to the warehouse and get a cupboard to put all of our food in. So we not only got that but we also got a new rug.

Here he is making the cupboard.

It is so great to have everything organized and put away.

After the whole reorganization we went out and met Tom and Alina in town. In the picture above I don't know who the guy in the blue shirt is (its not tom).

Above is Tom, the Bartender Cuba (a friend) and Grant.
Tom and Alina had a plan to leave the bar at 11pm to catch the bus back to their house. Apparently the bus did not stop for them and they came back in the bar and said they were going to have to take a cab. Grant being the nice guy he is said that he would take them home.
When we got to Alina's new place it was sort of late and they invited us to stay the night so we slept on their futon. In the morning we drove to Whatipu beach because neither of us had ever been there and we were already out that way.

It was freezing and raining on and off. We looked for a pot of gold but never found it.

The beach was beautiful.

This is what I love about NZ.

Below there was a wind tunnel, Grant was flying hahahhaha

On our way back we drove up a road exploring and came across this Dam. Isn't it cool looking!

Once back home we finished putting the house back together!

Looks good to me!


Lacey said...

omg Grant in the snuggie outfit is hilarious!! I was wondering if you ended up getting one and now I know! Those pictures you took of all the scenery are beautiful, I have to go to NZ one day. I like your new rug, hope it didnt cost you 500 bucks haha

Anonymous said...

I think your place looks good too!!!

Have you seen the heated clothes airer/dryer? kinda like a heated towel rail but bigger. They look awesome and I don't think they are hugely expensive to buy or run either.

Looks like you are settling into NZ life again...such a shame the weather is so crappy!!

Oh well bring on the winter comfort food and bars with open fires :o)

Take care and maybe see you this weekend

beeswax said...

Love the new kitchen cabinet. It takes time to get set-up. I'm proud of you two little homies, you're doing just fine. You're right, New Zealand is a beautiful place.
Love you, MOM

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