Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Weekend So Far...

Friday night I picked up Jasmine and we all went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. They have good food at a reasonable price. It was great to see her one last time before she went back home.

Today, Saturday, I was ALL BY MY SELF DON'T WANNA BE (just like the song), I actually don't mind being by my self that much. Grant was working today so therefore I decided to get out and about. I went to Devonport and looked in some stores, bought 2 books, and had some lunch at a sushi place. From there I drove to Takapuna and walked around going through stores. I bought a candle holder and a vase. The vase is going to be a project for a different day.

When walking I came across this sign and laughed out loud! It is a nail place called American Nail and look at the picture of the nails! I hope all NZers don't think all Americans have these scary long nails hahahhaha.

Saturday night we went to a local bar to watch the rugby game. The NZ All Blacks won yay!
After the game we swung by Mc Donalds for some late night junk food and then home to sleep.

Sunday, today, we didn't wake up till 12 30! I could not believe it. After breakfast? or call it lunch I did a little cleaning and read some of the news paper and now its 7pm. How did that happen the weekend is done and soon it will be back to work boo.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


This week so far has been very busy. Wednesday after work I was asked to stay later to baby sit while the parents went out for dinner. Little did I know that they were going to stay out till 2am! I was feeling under the weather already and then having to work an 18 hour day was really quite hard. The next morning I didn't even get to sleep in because at 730 am we had 2 cubic meters of wood delivered. Guess who got to move the wood piece by piece from the drive way to the garage? ME! It took me an hour and a half to move all the wood. I counted that as my days work out.

Around noon I met my friend Jasmine in town for lunch at a Chinese food place. She is one of the first people that I was introduced to when I first moved here two years ago. When we met she was at the end of her stay here in NZ and was moving to Australia. She lived there for two years and is just stopping by NZ before heading back home to Germany. It was great to catch up with her, I really wish she was living here because we get on so well.

When I got home last night I decided to use some of the new wood to make a fire, and turned out the wood was quite damp! I sat on the ground for an hour trying to start the fire and finally gave up. Grant finally got it going by dumping gas all over the wood hahahha. Good to know it wasn't something I was doing wrong.

Today I am cleaning the house, starting my drawing, working out, and meeting Jasmine for dinner, at least that is the plan.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Great News

The internet is working at our house! I am so excited! This morning I had an interview with another nanny agency because I have had no luck finding a job in an office. I think if I find the right family to nanny for I will really enjoy it. I guess to meet friends I will have to get creative, maybe join some classes.

After my interview the internet connection guy came to the house. He did some tests then went under the house and guess what our big problem was? He said some one had just cut the phone line right in half! I asked how that would have been done and he said it looked really weird like it had just been cut right in the middle of the wire. Probably someone trying to cause damage, who knows. I am just happy its working, now all that needs to be done is to call the company and have them not charge us for the time we have not used the phone and internet service.

The rest of today will be spent working on some art and maybe organizing our front guest room.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Using everyone elses internet.

Friday night we went to Grant's dad's house to use his internet and phone and also chit chat. Before going there I made this huge fire and we had Mexican food. I made the meat in the crock pot. It is the simplest thing in the whole world. Just dump some meat, few table spoons oil, and a taco seasoning packet. Let it cook for 6 to 8 hours on low and its ready! Also Yummy!

Here is my cranking fire woo hoo I am a professional fire starter hahahha!

Here we are eating dinner.

Saturday Grant worked with his dad most of the day and I did some shopping. I just got food and some drinks because Alina and Tom came over for a while and then we all went bowling.
Turns out bowling is really fun as an adult too!

Here I am in our mirror

Our dinning room!

Our living room!
Today I am watching Sybilla. We went to her morning swim class and now she is taking a nap and Peter is allowing me to use his internet for a little bit. The story with our internet is that a guy is coming out on Monday to see if he can figure out what the problem is! Its about time!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Still No Connection

We have successfully moved and set up our new flat. Last Friday the 16th I got the keys from the land lady and made 3 trips back and fourth from our old place to our new place. I just moved all the little things, like kitchen stuff, clothes, bedding, the list goes on and on. Friday night we had a birthday to go to so we decided to stay that last night at our old place and then move the rest of the stuff Saturday morning.

The plan for Friday night was I would only have 2 drinks and be able to drive us home so we would save money and be ready for the morning. Of course the plan did not work as planned! I only had my 2 drinks, but sadly that is where the plan stopped. We had parked in a parking structure and failed to read the tiny print where it said that the structure gets locked at 12 at night and will not be opened unless you pay $50 and call some service to open the gate! Unbelievable! We had to take a cab home which cost $35 and then drive back in the morning and pick up the car paying not only the night fee of $10 but also the fee for the next day $12. So when calculating the cost of everything and taking into consideration the gas having made an extra trip the next morning it turns out that it probably would have been cheaper to pay the $50 and get the car out that night! Lesson learned.

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast after the whole car picking up fiasco and then moved right on to moving the rest of our stuff. It took us the till about 5pm with the help of Grant’s dad. That night we went out to a bar to watch the rugby game, because we decided to save money by not getting cable TV. We now have three channels which I have found makes it much easier to decide on what to watch. Many times when there is nothing on we just listen to the radio.

This week I worked Monday through Wednesday and spent all of Thursday putting everything away and shopping for stuff we need. The place looks great now that it is all organized and all the pictures are hung up. Today I taught myself how to make a fire! It was great I got it really cranking!

A few things are not really organized. Our phone and internet is not working, we have no dial tone at all. We have both called our provider about 5 times and the soonest a guy can come out is Monday! So this will be posted from Grant’s dad’s internet. The other situation we have is a small leak in the front room. I have purposely not organized that room because I am assuming that some time soon the ceiling will have to be repaired. One last thing is I feel like I am getting a cough again just like the one I had a few weeks back. I had just got rid of this annoying cough and I can feel it happening all over again. I know it is from the kids I watch, they both cough all over me. Last but not least I have come to the conclusion that not having a dryer is not going to work. I don’t mind hanging clothes to dry 80% of the way but I am over having clothes racks all over the house day after day! As soon as the internet is up and running we are buying a dryer.

My mom has been able to call me a few times and is thinking of coming and visiting! I am so excited just thinking about it! When she comes we will have to do stuff she has never done like go all the way to the top of the north island and much more.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NO Internet at all

I miss you too MOM!
I have moved to the new place and our phone and internet is not working at all. I have called and they said that they are checking it out and it takes 5 days, tomorrow is the 5th so hope they figure it out! Anyways Grant's dad has let us use his internet tonight thank goodness. I am hoping later this week it will be sorted out!
Miss everyone and can't wait to show you the pics from our new place.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moving On UP or Over

This week has been pretty good so far. On Monday I got to catch up with Mel and visit all the kids (they were over for school holidays), its crazy how big kids get when you don't see them for a few months. I told Grant the kids ages telling him how big they were getting and how the girl is 9 and he said I thought she was 4 last time I saw her hahahha more like 8. Maybe its cause he is so tall little kids look really little.

Anyways my two days working were pretty full on considering I had the kids all day long (no kindy) and we packed the days full of things to do. Tuesday was meeting the aunt and her kids at the zoo and then in the afternoon we went swimming, the day ended with me making shepherds pie for dinner and a bath. Wednesday was also packed with activity. First to the park where I stood and froze to death while the kids ran around like monkeys, then to the library, and finally to a fellow nannies house for afternoon tea and some inside play. The highlight of the day was finishing early since they were going away for the weekend. Yay no dinner or bath time!

Today my plan is to pack up some of our things that are laying around and possibly go to the store to get a home phone, a mop, a broom, and some containers.

Tomorrow I meet our land lady at the new property to get the keys! Yay! My thinking is that I will wake up very early and pack the car full so when I get the keys I will already have a load of stuff to drop off. Hopefully Grant will finish work a little early and we will be able to take the fridge and washing machine over and get it all set up before the birthday party that we are going to.
Lots of stuff to do this weekend. As long as the new internet is working I will be able to post a blog and keep everyone updated!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crisp Cold Sunny Days

Saturday was a nice sunny clear day with not one cloud in the sky. Because it was so clear and sunny it was also freezing cold when the sun finally went down. We decided to take advantage of the nice day and go to Devonport to walk around and look at some art galleries.

Saturday night we went to a friends house to watch the rugby game. The All Blacks won so everyone was happy.
Sunday I watched Sybilla all day and Grant went surfing. He said the waves were not that big but because of that there weren't many people to fight with for them. So it tuned out to be really nice. I told him he will have to take me with him next time he goes there cause I have never been to this surf spot in Raglan.

Today is Monday, this morning I woke up and headed into the kitchen and guess what I see covering the entire floor? ANTS!!!! I immediately start sucking them up with the vacuum until I get really grossed out and asked Grant to finish it. Thank goodness he was starting work late so he could watch the foot ball finals, Spain won!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Sky Tower Day

On Tuesday I decided to take the kids I watch to the sky tower because it is school holidays and the tower is having a huge promo. The deal is the kids get in free with a parent and they have turned the whole place into a candy land. For everyone who does not know what the sky tower is, it is a really tall tower similar to the space needle in Washington, you can see 365 view of Auckland city. When paying you also get free booklets for the kids to color in and they get a bag of candy at the top.

I should have known that it wouldn't turn out well. Sometimes I wonder why I even try doing fun things. Anyhow it all started when we park the car in the underground parking lot. The little girl 4yrs starts looking around and making a whining noise. I ask her what is wrong and she starts freaking out saying she is scared. I ask of what? anyways we make it to the elevator and she is very panicked saying we should take the stairs! I am thinking, we are 4 floors under the ground.

We finally make it to pay for the "fun" candy land trip to the top and while waiting for the elevator to take us to the top again she starts freaking out. At this point all I am thinking is why did the mom not tell be she has a fear of everything! In the elevator I have to hold her and when we get out she will not go near the windows without screaming!

When they both have their candy we decide to leave of course by elevator (that is the only way) and again she is screaming and freaking out! She says why can't we take the stairs! AS IF! THERE ARE NO STAIRS!!!

Anyways we finally get out and head for the escalator to take us back up to the parking elevator and I step on with the little boy and she stops! I am saying get on as me and the little boy 3 yrs are headed up and all she does is whine and say she can't. There is nothing for me to do but ride the escalator all the way up with the boy and then turn around and ride all the way down to get her! There were some nice people trying to help her and the whole way up I am screaming down just leave her I am coming back around!

In my opinion it was a waste of $35 including parking, a waste of time, a waste of energy (mental and physical) on my part. As I was buckling them into the car all I could think of was I am never doing that again! And this is why I don't want to take on any more nanny jobs.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

5th of July

Today is the 4th of July at home but here in NZ it is already the 5th. This time last year I was in the USA having a great time. Such a great time I remember I broke my baby toe by being drunk and riding my bike into a parked car! Anyhow fast forward to now and nothing is going on! I am sitting in NZ while it is raining outside.

This last weekend was pretty boring and on Sunday I felt like I got cabin fever. Saturday we bought a washer and Fridge off trade me, and picked them up that morning. Having borrowed Grant's dad's van we hung out with him for a little while and then later we went to a friends house, but it wasn't a party. I read magazines while Grant and his friend played play station games. Sunday is when I got cabin fever all I wanted to do was get out and about but it rained all day long and there was nothing to do. I worked on my painting, and read a book, and we played a board game and really the day just dragged on. A few weeks ago I was hoping we could have some sort of 4th of July party but because we don't have our own place yet there was no where to invite people to=(

Soon we will be moving and I have a feeling it will all change at that time. I am feeling a little stressed because with moving there are a lot of extra costs and I still have not found a second job! It will all work out I am sure.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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