Sunday, July 4, 2010

5th of July

Today is the 4th of July at home but here in NZ it is already the 5th. This time last year I was in the USA having a great time. Such a great time I remember I broke my baby toe by being drunk and riding my bike into a parked car! Anyhow fast forward to now and nothing is going on! I am sitting in NZ while it is raining outside.

This last weekend was pretty boring and on Sunday I felt like I got cabin fever. Saturday we bought a washer and Fridge off trade me, and picked them up that morning. Having borrowed Grant's dad's van we hung out with him for a little while and then later we went to a friends house, but it wasn't a party. I read magazines while Grant and his friend played play station games. Sunday is when I got cabin fever all I wanted to do was get out and about but it rained all day long and there was nothing to do. I worked on my painting, and read a book, and we played a board game and really the day just dragged on. A few weeks ago I was hoping we could have some sort of 4th of July party but because we don't have our own place yet there was no where to invite people to=(

Soon we will be moving and I have a feeling it will all change at that time. I am feeling a little stressed because with moving there are a lot of extra costs and I still have not found a second job! It will all work out I am sure.


Anonymous said...

You're not alone with 'cabin fever'!!! Won't it be great in your new place, I'm excited for you :o)
Haha, we got out the blender and had another margarita 'practice' session!!! Sooo much fun...think I'm hooked ;o)

Take care & keep warm & dry

beeswax said...

We missed you at the 4th party. We did get to talk to you on Skype, even though you wouldn't show your face. Ha Ha. Check out my blog.
Mel, sounds like you are preparing yourself for some Margaritas in California. We'll have to visit Olvera Street to get the real feel of Mexico and the food and Margaritas.

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