Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moving On UP or Over

This week has been pretty good so far. On Monday I got to catch up with Mel and visit all the kids (they were over for school holidays), its crazy how big kids get when you don't see them for a few months. I told Grant the kids ages telling him how big they were getting and how the girl is 9 and he said I thought she was 4 last time I saw her hahahha more like 8. Maybe its cause he is so tall little kids look really little.

Anyways my two days working were pretty full on considering I had the kids all day long (no kindy) and we packed the days full of things to do. Tuesday was meeting the aunt and her kids at the zoo and then in the afternoon we went swimming, the day ended with me making shepherds pie for dinner and a bath. Wednesday was also packed with activity. First to the park where I stood and froze to death while the kids ran around like monkeys, then to the library, and finally to a fellow nannies house for afternoon tea and some inside play. The highlight of the day was finishing early since they were going away for the weekend. Yay no dinner or bath time!

Today my plan is to pack up some of our things that are laying around and possibly go to the store to get a home phone, a mop, a broom, and some containers.

Tomorrow I meet our land lady at the new property to get the keys! Yay! My thinking is that I will wake up very early and pack the car full so when I get the keys I will already have a load of stuff to drop off. Hopefully Grant will finish work a little early and we will be able to take the fridge and washing machine over and get it all set up before the birthday party that we are going to.
Lots of stuff to do this weekend. As long as the new internet is working I will be able to post a blog and keep everyone updated!


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