Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Sky Tower Day

On Tuesday I decided to take the kids I watch to the sky tower because it is school holidays and the tower is having a huge promo. The deal is the kids get in free with a parent and they have turned the whole place into a candy land. For everyone who does not know what the sky tower is, it is a really tall tower similar to the space needle in Washington, you can see 365 view of Auckland city. When paying you also get free booklets for the kids to color in and they get a bag of candy at the top.

I should have known that it wouldn't turn out well. Sometimes I wonder why I even try doing fun things. Anyhow it all started when we park the car in the underground parking lot. The little girl 4yrs starts looking around and making a whining noise. I ask her what is wrong and she starts freaking out saying she is scared. I ask of what? anyways we make it to the elevator and she is very panicked saying we should take the stairs! I am thinking, we are 4 floors under the ground.

We finally make it to pay for the "fun" candy land trip to the top and while waiting for the elevator to take us to the top again she starts freaking out. At this point all I am thinking is why did the mom not tell be she has a fear of everything! In the elevator I have to hold her and when we get out she will not go near the windows without screaming!

When they both have their candy we decide to leave of course by elevator (that is the only way) and again she is screaming and freaking out! She says why can't we take the stairs! AS IF! THERE ARE NO STAIRS!!!

Anyways we finally get out and head for the escalator to take us back up to the parking elevator and I step on with the little boy and she stops! I am saying get on as me and the little boy 3 yrs are headed up and all she does is whine and say she can't. There is nothing for me to do but ride the escalator all the way up with the boy and then turn around and ride all the way down to get her! There were some nice people trying to help her and the whole way up I am screaming down just leave her I am coming back around!

In my opinion it was a waste of $35 including parking, a waste of time, a waste of energy (mental and physical) on my part. As I was buckling them into the car all I could think of was I am never doing that again! And this is why I don't want to take on any more nanny jobs.


Anonymous said...

No good deed goes unpunished!

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

Next time, put a blindfold on her and tell her it is a surprise. What makes a child so scared of everything??? Really strange situation. Must be an old soul with a past.
Shannon, it can only get better :) keep good thoughts.
Love you, MOM

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