Friday, July 23, 2010

Still No Connection

We have successfully moved and set up our new flat. Last Friday the 16th I got the keys from the land lady and made 3 trips back and fourth from our old place to our new place. I just moved all the little things, like kitchen stuff, clothes, bedding, the list goes on and on. Friday night we had a birthday to go to so we decided to stay that last night at our old place and then move the rest of the stuff Saturday morning.

The plan for Friday night was I would only have 2 drinks and be able to drive us home so we would save money and be ready for the morning. Of course the plan did not work as planned! I only had my 2 drinks, but sadly that is where the plan stopped. We had parked in a parking structure and failed to read the tiny print where it said that the structure gets locked at 12 at night and will not be opened unless you pay $50 and call some service to open the gate! Unbelievable! We had to take a cab home which cost $35 and then drive back in the morning and pick up the car paying not only the night fee of $10 but also the fee for the next day $12. So when calculating the cost of everything and taking into consideration the gas having made an extra trip the next morning it turns out that it probably would have been cheaper to pay the $50 and get the car out that night! Lesson learned.

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast after the whole car picking up fiasco and then moved right on to moving the rest of our stuff. It took us the till about 5pm with the help of Grant’s dad. That night we went out to a bar to watch the rugby game, because we decided to save money by not getting cable TV. We now have three channels which I have found makes it much easier to decide on what to watch. Many times when there is nothing on we just listen to the radio.

This week I worked Monday through Wednesday and spent all of Thursday putting everything away and shopping for stuff we need. The place looks great now that it is all organized and all the pictures are hung up. Today I taught myself how to make a fire! It was great I got it really cranking!

A few things are not really organized. Our phone and internet is not working, we have no dial tone at all. We have both called our provider about 5 times and the soonest a guy can come out is Monday! So this will be posted from Grant’s dad’s internet. The other situation we have is a small leak in the front room. I have purposely not organized that room because I am assuming that some time soon the ceiling will have to be repaired. One last thing is I feel like I am getting a cough again just like the one I had a few weeks back. I had just got rid of this annoying cough and I can feel it happening all over again. I know it is from the kids I watch, they both cough all over me. Last but not least I have come to the conclusion that not having a dryer is not going to work. I don’t mind hanging clothes to dry 80% of the way but I am over having clothes racks all over the house day after day! As soon as the internet is up and running we are buying a dryer.

My mom has been able to call me a few times and is thinking of coming and visiting! I am so excited just thinking about it! When she comes we will have to do stuff she has never done like go all the way to the top of the north island and much more.


Anonymous said...

Hip, hip, hooray! You can't even begin to imagine how much I've missed your blog while you've been offline.

Many thanks for the update and great photos of you new place. I hope your cough goes away quickly, and that you'll finally get a working telephone line.

Too bad about the birthday party car screw-up. Sometimes you just can't win.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

So good to see your sweet little face! I miss seeing you on Skype. Good to see Grant also, of course. Your new place looks much brighter and cheerier than in the initial pictures for the rental.
Love the " I taught myself how to make a fire", made me laugh. You're such a So-Cal Suburbanite. Keep up the good work. I'll be making plans to visit you.
Love you, MOM

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