Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Today is the first day of Spring! So far it is a beautiful clear day, but with the clear comes the cold. It is 9am and absolutely freezing.

This is not my photo but I did see tons of lambs when we were driving to Raglan 2 days ago. They are so cute I can't believe we eat them =(

Here is a photo of the roses that grow under one of our windows.

See below no rain...yet

I am sooooo EXCITED that we have a yard this year!!! I have big plans for this space.

I plan to plant Flowers
(Not my pics)

And a Herb Garden (not my pics)

It is going to look really great! It will take some research on my part since I have no idea how to garden, but it will be fun!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Monday

Monday we decided to drive to Raglan because there was going to be good surf conditions. We left the house at 520am and arrived around 8am. When we were first driving it was raining so hard that you could not even see out the window and we almost came to a stop on the freeway but that only lasted about 2 minutes. The rest of the day was sunny and some what warm.

The waves were good but not great is what Grant said, he was still able to catch quite a few and I was there to get pictures of it!

Here we are on a look out watching the waves to see where the best spot is.

Grant is all geared up to surf and carrying his new booties! Now his feet won't freeze!

Below he is catching his first wave of the day.

Riding the wave

Very impressive there is no way in hell I could do that. I must say taking pictures with my shitty point and shoot camera is never going to capture anything very well. I need a new camera!

It was a beautiful day while he surfed I took pictures and walked around a little.

Waves at the end of the day.
This day had to be the worst food day ever (health wise). We got up so early we ate Mc Donalds on the road I had an egg mc muffin and a berry yogurt thing, for lunch we went to a hamburger place and we both got a hamburger and a shake, and dinner we stopped on the way home and got pizza hahhahaha so today I must only eat healthy to reverse the damage done yesterday!

Here I am after my nap in the car.
We were prepared to stay the night at a camp ground which would have been a lot of fun, but in the end Grant said the waves would not be that great the next day and it would be better to get back to work so we came home. It would have been fun to stay but I am just as happy to be home and able to work on my art!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Weekend

Friday night my friend Alina came over and we went out to a bar and did some crazy dancing!
Saturday really just seemed to disappear but I did work about 3 hours on my drawing and am almost done! Yay! Sunday, today the high light had to be the French toast I made this morning! It was so super good I can't believe I have not had French toast in years and its so simple to make. After the French toast we went to a surf store and got Grant some booties for his feet. Now he can surf with out his feet freezing. We then stopped at Grant's dad's house and had a chat with his brother.

The other day I decided to trim my bangs or fringe and it got a little short but I decided that I will just go with that and dress 50's style. Maybe it will be a whole new look for me? who knows?

The fact that it is a little crooked is a small problem but I am too scared to cut any more hahaha so I will have to wait for Mel to even it all out hahaha.
We have decided to go to Raglan tomorrow for some surfing and possibly stay the night =)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Ten of my favorite things:

  1. My calendar journal where I can write tons of notes in!
  2. Making cookies so I can eat the first one still warm off the pan.
  3. A newly sharpened pencil to draw with.
  4. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning.
  5. My computer (I Love You)
  6. A really good book to read (they are hard to find)
  7. New walking shoes or flip flops
  8. A clean house (especially when I don't have to clean, which is never)
  9. A new house project to take on.
  10. A really good idea for an art project.

What are some of your favorite things?????

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tired Tired Tired

Lately I have been sooo super tired. I think it is because I have been getting no exercise at all! Between the rain and the fact that I am a little unsure of going for a walk around here, there has been no way to get exercise. I have thought many times about signing up for the gym but because it would cost 30 to 40 a week I feel right now I need to be saving up money for stuff we need. SOOOOO my new plan is to just start exercising at home! I am going to bust out my work out dvd's and some of Grant's weights that we picked up last weekend from our old place and start breaking a sweat! Its going to be fantastic! On a side note I am going to try to stop buying ice cream, we have really got into eating desert every night.

The last two days at work have been really exhausting and irritating to say the least. It seems there is a pattern to work lately. There will be about 3 weeks of the kids being good with only small problems during the days and then there will be a set of 3 or 4 weeks of them being so horrible.
The last two work days were awful! I am guessing part of the problem is the fact that I am so tired that even small occurrences were annoying the crap out of me. I will explain my last two days.
Wake up at 6am make breakfast and get ready and leave by 7am, sit in traffic for 45 min work starts at 8am.
Tuesday I got to work and we had our normal morning of me getting the kids dressed and into the car to drop off Girl at kindy at 845. Boy and I went home and played Lego until 1030 when we were invited to go to a friends house for a play. We drove to friends house, 1145 we picked up girl from kindy, 1245 we dropped off boy at kindy, 130 we drove girl to north shore gym lesson starts at 2, gym lesson ends at 3 (I am involved in lesson helping the whole time), race over to pick up boy at 315, drop off girl at friends b-day party at 330, boy and I drive home (he is very mad he is not at party so him and I make cookies at home), 445 pick up girl from party, race home to make dinner, dinner not made till 530 , when mom gets home at 6 they are still eating dinner and we did not get the bath in, I go home! I leave my car at their house and Grant picks me up (he works around the corner and gets off at the same time).

Wednesday Grant and I carpool to work so at least we can complain and laugh about the traffic together. I arrive at the house and I get the kids dressed. All set to leave to get to kindy when Boy starts screaming and crying about not having a badge like girl! Girl got a princess badge at the party and is wearing it to kindy, Boy makes such a huge stink that girl offers to have him wear the badge, With boy wearing princess badge we head off to kindy, 1145 pick up girl from kindy, race home make lunch, 1245 drop off boy at kindy, boy still upset about badge, girl and I go to dollar store and buy 2 badges they are not as big but there are 2, She wants pom poms 2 dollars so I say ok, 315 pick up boy from kindy, Regret ever buying pom poms!, boy ok with new badges but very upset he does not have pom poms, girl forced to share pom poms, pom poms falling apart every where around just cleaned house, screaming over pom poms, time outs and pom poms taken away till dad gets home, 5pm dinner time, 530 bath time, 6pm dad gets home, pom poms come out and screaming starts all over again, I am out of there!

This is why part of me does not even want to take on another nanny job! I really really need to figure out what I am going to do because it is becoming clear that I will not be a nanny forever!

Lucky for me next week the family I work for are going on vacation so I will have the week off and will be working on lots of art!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Weekend

Last week I finished reading The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. I ended up really liking the book. When I first started the book it had such a slow beginning that I almost gave up on it, but because everyone told me that they loved it I decided not to give up. It was definatly worth reading, I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read.

Last night we rented the Dragon Tatoo movie. While the movie does differ from the book a little and is a little hard to follow considering its in subtitles, it is still very interesting.

Below is a drawing that I finished for NHRA reunion.

Below is my kitchen after adding some cute vases and a cool clock.

Below is a video clip of us this morning. After breakfast we had a dance party while watching the top 10 music videos from 1990. Pretty Rad!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More and More Projects

I have been working on lots of decorating projects around the house. Most of them don't turn out that great and some look good. I guess that is what happens when you try not to spend too much money.

First off when you look at the picture below you might think, oh look here is a sticker that the kids gave me, or this is a kids bathroom? Wrong, when we first moved in here these fish and under water scenes were all over the bathroom tiles. I was so happy to find out they were just stickers! My first question to Grant was who would put up fish stickers? His response was I know some one and we both laughed cause his mom has their vacation home with nothing but fish everywhere!

Below is a tray I found at the thrift store. My original plan was to paint it and use it in the kitchen, but then I got an excellent idea. I always have my computer on my lap and it gets too hot and the fan has to go into over time soooo I thought I will re do it and the tray will be my computer tray! YAY



Final project for yesterday were my evolving candle stick holders.
They started looking like this:
I then painted them like this:
Realized they didn't match anything so repainted them like this:
Now they are living in my bedroom.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boring days

The last two days I have been working and will also be working tomorrow so really there is nothing new to post about. I did get a new vase and set it all up with some of those color stones in it and put it on top of our range hood extractor fan in the kitchen. We had the fan on cause we just made dinner. Three bites into the meal and I hear a huge crash that scared the crap out of me and instantly realized what happened! There was glass and blue stoned everywhere! Now I have to get another vase!

The only other thing I have done is decide to re spray paint a lot of the stuff I originally painted, I guess that is the fun just fixing it till you like it.

The other news is the little boy I watch was very sick today and had a temperature of 103!
I really hope I don't get sick.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craft Corner

Friday night we had craft corner. We both worked on projects, Grant on a painting and me on crafts.


At first I had these candles in the kitchen and then after steping back I realized they really just don't go. Maybe if I paint them all white or black? I really am struggling to make our kitchen nice!
Saturday during the day we worked on more stuff around the house. I bought new handles for my new dresser.

Most of them were broken or missing

Grant fixed the back door in the garage. It would not close before and now it does.

Saturday night I babysat until 2am. They had a book sitting out that looked interesting and I thought I will flip through it. The first page I open to had Fredrik on it!!! I was in shock! What are the odds of that happening.
This is the front of the book:

This is the first page I opened to!

Most of my friends and family know this story. Anyone who doesn't, I guess they can ask me but its the past no need to re cap.
Sunday Grant went surfing and I made more cool stuff:

Here are some hooks I put together for our keys

So here is the story of me decorating the kitchen.
  1. Buy tons of cool things to paint for fun
  2. Paint candle stick holders, a bowl, a spoon container, and a paper towel holder and make a bulliten board
  3. Put all the new stuff in the kitchen
  4. Realize there is no theme and because the kitchen is old nothing looks good
  5. Take everything down
  6. Start to re paint everything (maybe if its all black or white it will look better)

Then I realized it looks like a circus with all the crazy colors and patterns. Grant and I both decided that it really does not have much to do with the decorations being there or not but more to do with the fact that the house is old and not designed well. So our decorations will always look crazy! Oh well! I might re spray a few things solid colors so that way it will match better.

I think the lesson here might be that it is too hard to decorate a room with no money hahahha
At least I had fun =)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting and Paying

I feel like I am always asking myself where did the day go? Especially on my days off! Today I got all of my immigration stuff together so literally all I have to do is pick up my physical papers and sign a few things in front of a Justice of the Peace. Its good to know that next week I can turn it all in.

Around 1pm I decided I needed to get my car its warrant of fitness ( for all Americans this is a simple check that everyone has to get done on their cars every 6 months). It should take about 10 minutes. Turned out after the 10 minutes that I had a crack in my exhaust? I think? Anyhow it had to be fixed so I went straight to the place that can fix it and sat and waited about an hour and a half. The saddest part of all this is I didn't bring anything to do and I hadn't eaten lunch! I kept thinking of all times to forget my book and not eat. Anyhow $100 later the problem was fixed and it was back to get the car re-checked.

I didn't get home till 4pm and that is when I finally made "lunch" (more like lunch/dinner =Linner). Long story short it is now 5pm and I did not get any art done!

The rest of the night is drawing!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thrift finds

Drawers $10

Picked up my vacuum

Thrift finds any suggestions???
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