Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boring days

The last two days I have been working and will also be working tomorrow so really there is nothing new to post about. I did get a new vase and set it all up with some of those color stones in it and put it on top of our range hood extractor fan in the kitchen. We had the fan on cause we just made dinner. Three bites into the meal and I hear a huge crash that scared the crap out of me and instantly realized what happened! There was glass and blue stoned everywhere! Now I have to get another vase!

The only other thing I have done is decide to re spray paint a lot of the stuff I originally painted, I guess that is the fun just fixing it till you like it.

The other news is the little boy I watch was very sick today and had a temperature of 103!
I really hope I don't get sick.


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