Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craft Corner

Friday night we had craft corner. We both worked on projects, Grant on a painting and me on crafts.


At first I had these candles in the kitchen and then after steping back I realized they really just don't go. Maybe if I paint them all white or black? I really am struggling to make our kitchen nice!
Saturday during the day we worked on more stuff around the house. I bought new handles for my new dresser.

Most of them were broken or missing

Grant fixed the back door in the garage. It would not close before and now it does.

Saturday night I babysat until 2am. They had a book sitting out that looked interesting and I thought I will flip through it. The first page I open to had Fredrik on it!!! I was in shock! What are the odds of that happening.
This is the front of the book:

This is the first page I opened to!

Most of my friends and family know this story. Anyone who doesn't, I guess they can ask me but its the past no need to re cap.
Sunday Grant went surfing and I made more cool stuff:

Here are some hooks I put together for our keys

So here is the story of me decorating the kitchen.
  1. Buy tons of cool things to paint for fun
  2. Paint candle stick holders, a bowl, a spoon container, and a paper towel holder and make a bulliten board
  3. Put all the new stuff in the kitchen
  4. Realize there is no theme and because the kitchen is old nothing looks good
  5. Take everything down
  6. Start to re paint everything (maybe if its all black or white it will look better)

Then I realized it looks like a circus with all the crazy colors and patterns. Grant and I both decided that it really does not have much to do with the decorations being there or not but more to do with the fact that the house is old and not designed well. So our decorations will always look crazy! Oh well! I might re spray a few things solid colors so that way it will match better.

I think the lesson here might be that it is too hard to decorate a room with no money hahahha
At least I had fun =)


Anna said...

Lookin' good, Shannon! Feel free to come down here next!

Lacey said...

K what the heck! That is sooo weird to open a book and see his face there. And now welcome to what I do, I paint everything all cute and think its gonna be so cool. Then you put it in the house and it looks so stupid! Thats why I paint everything 5 times and have a closet full of crap. It is fun though! At least you are trying with what you have, its hard when the house is already painted and designed. I love the key hook you made its so cute!

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beeswax said...

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Love, MOM

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