Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here comes the Sun

Tuesday and Wednesday it rained a lot and finally today the sun broke through the clouds and there is no more rain. So far today has been spent going to the doctors to get my paper work done for an immigration form. The rest of today I am going to work on my drawing. I am about half way done.

These pictures were taken a few days ago and they show our back yard.

This shows our clothes line, Our shed, and a gazebo that is "not safe" Grant said to go in.

The above picture is taken off our balcony.


Below balcony and path around house.

After walking down the path and around the corner, but still our back yard.

Steps down our back yard.

The estuary that is in our back yard. We could kayak when the tide is in. I am game to try it in the summer in case I fall in.

Isn't it a great location, so beautiful! Can't wait till summer. We have a water front property hahahah!


beeswax said...

It is so neat that you are living so close to the water way, you can paddle your way to the harbor. I can't wait to come and see your new home. Fix the leak in my bedroom!!
Love, MOM

Lacey said...

so cute! your own lazy river haha

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