Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making Today Count

For some reason on my days off I am finding that I get nothing done! It is so frustrating because I have tons of stuff to do and I always end up doing nothing. Today for example I got up at 7am when Grant left for work and I ended up spending 30 minutes trying to UN-jam a drawer that would not open. I thought it was the ice cream scoop that was stopping it from opening but when I finally jerked it out I realized it was a spoon that had got stuck and was completely bent in half. How does this stuff happen. From there I had breakfast and checked my e-mail which led to looking at blogs which led me to thinking about decorating this place... now its 915 and I have done nothing.

SOOOOO today I am going to get stuff done! I have a drawing to finish, I have to put some wood in the sun so it can dry (Grant's request, I used the wrong wood to burn last night and got a bunch of shit for it, how was I to know? its not like there was a sign saying what to use or not use) and I plan to clean up around here and organize a few things.

I have a few projects I want to start on and I need to get ready to go out tonight because Alina and Tom invited us to go out to dinner with them. Yay

I think I am going to go with a beach color scheme and beach inspired decoration because all of our paintings are of the beach and those colors will brighten the place up (here I go again I have to stop and do what I need to do!) Wish me luck! Focus Focus Focus!


Anonymous said...

Haha, we had to focus, focus focus, we drove into Miami Beach today - peak hour traffic n the RV!!! Eveyone was looking at us like us like we were nuts 'cos we were!!! Those streets and roads get kinda narrow!!! Note to everyone...THERE ARE NO RV PARKS IN MIAMI BEACH...

Oh well we're in Hannandale, had a swim, met some locals and had a drinkie or some and it's all good now!!!

Take care

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