Thursday, August 19, 2010

More and More Projects

I have been working on lots of decorating projects around the house. Most of them don't turn out that great and some look good. I guess that is what happens when you try not to spend too much money.

First off when you look at the picture below you might think, oh look here is a sticker that the kids gave me, or this is a kids bathroom? Wrong, when we first moved in here these fish and under water scenes were all over the bathroom tiles. I was so happy to find out they were just stickers! My first question to Grant was who would put up fish stickers? His response was I know some one and we both laughed cause his mom has their vacation home with nothing but fish everywhere!

Below is a tray I found at the thrift store. My original plan was to paint it and use it in the kitchen, but then I got an excellent idea. I always have my computer on my lap and it gets too hot and the fan has to go into over time soooo I thought I will re do it and the tray will be my computer tray! YAY



Final project for yesterday were my evolving candle stick holders.
They started looking like this:
I then painted them like this:
Realized they didn't match anything so repainted them like this:
Now they are living in my bedroom.


Lacey said...

I love love love your tray!! The print is adorable. The candle sticks look good, sometimes it just takes a few tries until it looks right.

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