Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Ten of my favorite things:

  1. My calendar journal where I can write tons of notes in!
  2. Making cookies so I can eat the first one still warm off the pan.
  3. A newly sharpened pencil to draw with.
  4. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning.
  5. My computer (I Love You)
  6. A really good book to read (they are hard to find)
  7. New walking shoes or flip flops
  8. A clean house (especially when I don't have to clean, which is never)
  9. A new house project to take on.
  10. A really good idea for an art project.

What are some of your favorite things?????


Anonymous said...

1. Family.
2. Race cars.
3. Fishing.
4. Judge Judy.
5. Jack Daniels.
6. Mexican food.
7. Morning walks.
8. Maui.
9. Gualala.
10. Driving.

Love ya'...


Anna said...

1. Family and the few friends I'm lucky to have
2. Travels, both near and far
3. Licking the spoons when I'm baking - now that I'm all 'grownup' I don't have to share with anyone else :)
4. Fresh air, warm sun
5. Outdoor activites
6. Cleaning, in my old age I kinda like it...or more so appreciate it
7. Letters from home
8. Doodling

9. Renting movies for $1
10. Driving on long stretches of road...

beeswax said...

Hmmmm?... here are my 10..
1. First cup of coffee in the am
2. Buying Lancome just to get the free gift.
3. Buying a new watercolor paint color I don't have.
4. Clean sheets.
5. Drinking at the Frolic Room.
6. Fresh hair color.
7. Partying with friends and family.
8. Looking at old pictures.
9. Learning a new computer trick.
10.A new rose on my rose bush.

Anonymous said...

Grant's Favorite things!!!
1. Surfing
2. snowboarding
3. good weather
4. "Partying" (includes lots of unmentionable things)
5. new socks
6. All Blacks Winning
7. Mexican Food
9. Birds (tui and Humming birds especially)
10. Sexing

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