Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tired Tired Tired

Lately I have been sooo super tired. I think it is because I have been getting no exercise at all! Between the rain and the fact that I am a little unsure of going for a walk around here, there has been no way to get exercise. I have thought many times about signing up for the gym but because it would cost 30 to 40 a week I feel right now I need to be saving up money for stuff we need. SOOOOO my new plan is to just start exercising at home! I am going to bust out my work out dvd's and some of Grant's weights that we picked up last weekend from our old place and start breaking a sweat! Its going to be fantastic! On a side note I am going to try to stop buying ice cream, we have really got into eating desert every night.

The last two days at work have been really exhausting and irritating to say the least. It seems there is a pattern to work lately. There will be about 3 weeks of the kids being good with only small problems during the days and then there will be a set of 3 or 4 weeks of them being so horrible.
The last two work days were awful! I am guessing part of the problem is the fact that I am so tired that even small occurrences were annoying the crap out of me. I will explain my last two days.
Wake up at 6am make breakfast and get ready and leave by 7am, sit in traffic for 45 min work starts at 8am.
Tuesday I got to work and we had our normal morning of me getting the kids dressed and into the car to drop off Girl at kindy at 845. Boy and I went home and played Lego until 1030 when we were invited to go to a friends house for a play. We drove to friends house, 1145 we picked up girl from kindy, 1245 we dropped off boy at kindy, 130 we drove girl to north shore gym lesson starts at 2, gym lesson ends at 3 (I am involved in lesson helping the whole time), race over to pick up boy at 315, drop off girl at friends b-day party at 330, boy and I drive home (he is very mad he is not at party so him and I make cookies at home), 445 pick up girl from party, race home to make dinner, dinner not made till 530 , when mom gets home at 6 they are still eating dinner and we did not get the bath in, I go home! I leave my car at their house and Grant picks me up (he works around the corner and gets off at the same time).

Wednesday Grant and I carpool to work so at least we can complain and laugh about the traffic together. I arrive at the house and I get the kids dressed. All set to leave to get to kindy when Boy starts screaming and crying about not having a badge like girl! Girl got a princess badge at the party and is wearing it to kindy, Boy makes such a huge stink that girl offers to have him wear the badge, With boy wearing princess badge we head off to kindy, 1145 pick up girl from kindy, race home make lunch, 1245 drop off boy at kindy, boy still upset about badge, girl and I go to dollar store and buy 2 badges they are not as big but there are 2, She wants pom poms 2 dollars so I say ok, 315 pick up boy from kindy, Regret ever buying pom poms!, boy ok with new badges but very upset he does not have pom poms, girl forced to share pom poms, pom poms falling apart every where around just cleaned house, screaming over pom poms, time outs and pom poms taken away till dad gets home, 5pm dinner time, 530 bath time, 6pm dad gets home, pom poms come out and screaming starts all over again, I am out of there!

This is why part of me does not even want to take on another nanny job! I really really need to figure out what I am going to do because it is becoming clear that I will not be a nanny forever!

Lucky for me next week the family I work for are going on vacation so I will have the week off and will be working on lots of art!


beeswax said...

Aren't kids lovely? When there's 2 kids, double the pleasure, double the fighting. As soon as you have them, start counting to 18......
When they're yours, you can tolerate just about anything. No wonder parents hire sitters. They need a break.
Good idea on the working out, it's good for the soul and mind.
Hang in there, Love MOM

Lacey said...

Im trying that whole not buying ice cream deal, ugh but I love ice cream!!

Sounds like a rough time with the kids, what a pain in the butt to make sure every single thing is always even. 1 kid doesn't sound so bad anymore haha

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