Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Climbing the Walls

There has been this horribly annoying storm that has been beating up NZ for the last 5 to 7 days and it is starting to get really old! I feel like leaving the country! All day while at home it is gail force winds making a whistling noise and making all the doors slam. While working it seemed to conveniently rain every time we had to drive and go some where. I have completely given up on looking nice because it is a waste of time. Imagine taking a shower doing hair and make up just to walk outside and have your hair get soaked and blown across your face oy! I really can not wait for summer to come and the rain to go!

In other news I have signed up to an art community where I can try to sell some of my art. Here is my art profile on the site:

I have also signed up to be in an art show in November! In case anyone would like to check that out and possibly come to see all the lovely art you can look here:

Yesterday at work one of the highlights of the day was the little boy and I met up with another friend and went to clip and climb. This is where you put on a harness and climb up walls. I was not planing on doing any climbing because it was mainly to go for the kids. Well we arrived on time and the place was not ready and kept us waiting in the wind and rain so they let all of us climb for free. Of course just as always the little boy I watch would not even try to climb, but I thought if he is not going to do it then I have to if not the whole trip would have been a waste of time. I am scared of heights so for me it was pretty scary letting go off the wall the first time but after that I really really liked it. It gave me the same rush a roller coaster would.

When I got home and told Grant about it thinking that he would love this place and it would be something fun to do when the weather is not good he just said ah I don't really like rock climbing! God I feel like no one ever wants to do anything fun! He said if I wanted to go he would give it a try again. Anyways I had a great time and it helped to make 30 min of the day bearable hahaha.

Todays plan is to draw and paint!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

We sure getting beat up by wind aren't we?? I too, am SOOO over it!! Keeps you awake at night and drives you crazy during the day!! Oh well on a better note...daylight savings begins this weekend, so even tho it's not looking close, Summer is definately on it's way :o)

Take care

beeswax said...

It's pretty cold here too, about 74 today, burrrrrr! I had to wear a sweatshirt with my shorts.
This weekend, they say, it's supposed to get to 100 degrees. Hope not!

You'll do great at the art show and sell, I'm glad to see you are actively participating in the art world over there.
Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo,

I have a suggestion for your art community listing (and for that matter, any other listings in New Zealand): List your school as "California State University at Fullerton U.S.A.", and any other schools or jobs as "U.S.A." People in the land of the Kiwi are probably not familiar with terms such as "Bonita High School" or "La Verne". Just a suggestion.

I went fishing on Tuesday and caught a nice, fat (30 pound) Ahi Tuna. Believe it or not, it rained all the way home from San Diego at 2:00 am yesterday. Winter is coming to So Cal, but not until we have a few more 100+ degree days!

Love ya...


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