Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its Raining its Pouring the Flowers are Growing?

Saturday morning I woke up and said ok lets do something today! So we got ready and went to a local market place and art gallery. After the gallery we went to the store and and got all the tools and seeds to plant our garden. Around noon we stopped by Grant's dads house and had a coffee and borrowed his spade.

My mom got Grant the t-shirt he is wearing under his hoodie. He loves it because it matches his favorite sleeveless hoodie hahhahaha!

What brought on us wanting to work on the garden was waking up to the surprise of these flowers that seemed to bloom over night!

So Above is the picture before we worked on the flowers.

Here we are putting in new soil and planting our seeds.

Below is after we planted everything. Does not look much different but I guess now we have to wait for it to grow? We keep looking outside and asking each other did anything change hahaha

That night we met up with Alina and Tom for her birthday. It was good to catch up and get out and about.

Grant looks so tall compared to all of us hahhaha
We had a few drinks and played pool.

The place we went to is called the Shakespeare and it kinda reminds me of Cheers. I always sing "where everybody knows your name and their always glad you came" hahhaha
The night ended with us spending 30 minutes trying to validate our parking in the sky parking lot, lets just say it wasn't easy but we did save about $30 so it was worth the trouble.


beeswax said...

Shannon you look so thin! Beautiful. Those are some powerful blue shoes that Alina was wearing, woo hoo! Cute Alina.

The flowers are not gladiolus, but look more like an iris of some sort. Iris orientalis is the name, I looked it up.

You can get starts from other plants in your neighborhood, just break off a piece and shove it in some dirt. You'll be surprised at how easy it is.

Gardening is good for you. I hope you have a good time with it.

Anonymous said...

Gardening sure is fun!!!
You can be very suprised what pops up in the first year of living in a new place. Strawberries are fun to plant (great at xmas with champagne!!!).

I agree with your 'mom' on the powerful shoes!!
Very cute!!

Take care

Lacey said...

You do look really thin missy! Gardening seems fun, to go check on them everyday. I never knew you could just shove a piece of a plant in some dirt and it would grow haha, thanks for the info Kathy!

beeswax said...

Well certain ones, like Hydrangeas.

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