Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ever since we have moved here there has always been a musty type smell that we both assumed was because the place had been closed up for a little while before we moved in.

A few days ago I said this is enough we have to figure out what this smell is because it is driving me nuts. I noticed a little mold on the ceiling in our room and decided that it must be the problem so I looked up how to remove mold and got to work.

After a few days it still smelt musty soooo I started using my trusty nose to smell around the room. My nose brought me to the closet doors! I told Grant I think the wood doors are the root of the problem. We both agreed that the doors had a horrible smell about them, but for some reason I did not look close at them. This morning I decided to clean the doors and on close inspection they had mold growing on the bottom of them!!! Yuck! It took me about 2 hours of scrubbing the doors to get them clean. I let the doors dry and came back and they still smell! So now I am thinking we should maybe take the doors off and sand them down and stain them?
Honestly the smell must go!
Moving on to my decorating hobby.
If you follow what is popular in decorating or what is popular in general you would have seen this sign:
Having seen this poster on many walls in decorating magazines and blogs I started to ask myself why is this popular and what is the story behind this cute quote? When searching for the information on this poster I found my answer!
Signs of the Times: Keep Calm
by Megan Hustad posted @1:30 PM
In the spring of 1939, the UK government's Ministry of Information commissioned a series of wall posters designed to assuage public anxiety. The first poster went into production in August 1939-a month before England declared war on Germany. Its message was stridently chirpy: "Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory." The second poster featured the rather deflating "Freedom is in Peril"—and like the first, it was plastered in shop windows and rail stations. The third poster had the largest print run of all-historians estimate 2.5 million copies made-but it was held in reserve, to be deployed only in the event Hitler's soldiers got their boots on English soil. Its slogan was "Keep Calm and Carry On." Seventy years later, the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster is back. This week it attained the highest honor a bit of kitsch could aspire to: it was wanly saluted by Rob Walker in The New York Times magazine.
So I decided that I would make my own sign but slightly change the words. I came up with this idea on my own but then saw that other people have done it too:
I am happy with it =)
So cute I really like what I have done here hahhahaha


Anna said...

Love it! And the mold problem...I'll have to post a picture of what happened to us. lol. Our walls, you can't see mold, but have mold inside them and are so moist that they feel spongey!

Lacey said...

That sign is so cute and funny, how did you make it looks so perfect? Saw the earthquake on tv hope you guys are ok! Post an update to let us know

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