Monday, September 27, 2010

Now Painting

Now that I am finished with my drawings I have started to work on all my paintings for the art show I signed up to. Here is the beginning of one that I am working on.

Yesterday the weather really seemed to change, finally it was some what warm and sunny. I put on shorts and sat outside for a little while before I went grocery store shopping. I have now decided to start keeping track of how much we spend on groceries and how often.
I like to shop once I week because I find shopping quite annoying lately. So our last shop lasted us 11 days and cost $241.00 (it is so expensive for food here). I calculated that it was 66 meals (3 a day for 2 people) so that came to about 3.50 a meal! Cheap!
With out paying any attention to how much I was spending yesterday's bill came to $247? How crazy is that both bills almost exactly the same! By the way this is just for food no alcohol or anything fancy.
I have this week off work since the family I work for is on vacation, so today I will paint, make some cookies, and I am making Mexican soup for dinner out of a real recipe book (we will see how close I can get with a few missing ingredients).


beeswax said...

I like the painting. You have always been very good with money, some say even "tight", and that's a good thing.
I hope your soup is good. Love MOM

Anna said...

I LOVE the painting! Maybe I'll save up for one of yours!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

How did your soup turn out??
You must give me the recipe!! I'm big on Mexican at the mo, I even found some Mexican hot chocolate yesterday - kinda spicy but very very good!!

Keep up the fab art work!!
It might be time to get you to do another for my walls...I'm in the midst of a mini-makeover ;o) All started with my IKEA curtains, haha

Take care

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