Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tuesday night when Grant got home from work he said ok we are going skiing. Now I was a little surprised because the weekend before we discussed going skiing but decided that the weather would not be good enough and we would go when it was better so therefore I was a little shocked. Anyhow I guess his boss wanted to go and we could all drive together so we decided to leave that night. It took us 4 hours to get to Mt Ruapehu, the drive felt like 10 hours but that's because Grant was driving fast and it was dark which always makes me nervous anyhow we all made it fine.

We stayed the night with one of there friends in his garage/makeshift house that he lives in while his cabins are being rented out. Wednesday morning we got up and headed to the mountain. I rented some skis and we got some breakfast before we skied. The only problem was the weather had turned to shit. It was freezing and raining and foggy, you could not see 3 feet in front of you. Grant said the only way the weather could have been worse is if it was windy! Any how we still went for a few hours and got in about 5 runs. I was surprised that I still knew how to ski and that I was just as good or even better then before. I first skied when I was about 5 years old all the way till about 15 years old but had not skied since then. I would love to go back and ski on a nice sunny day or at least when it is not raining. It only took about 10 minutes before we were completely soaked it was lots of fun.

The only annoying thing is the day before we went I started to get a stuffed up nose and head ache, so I had to deal with that the whole time. I know it is probably from the kids I watch they are always sick and coughing right in my face, until I started working with them I had not been sick in years! I will be very happy to work with adults that cover their mouths when they cough!

They have the largest carrot! ha ha ha Apparently the grow tons of carrots down there.

I was able to borrow Grant's bosses wife's ski clothes.

My hands got so cold and damp that when I went to put my gloves on I couldn't feel my fingers! I had to have Grant pull them on!

Ready to take on the mountain! Whoop Whoop!


Anna said...

I wanted to meet you there all winter! It's like only 2 1/2 hours from here! Hope you guys had fun!

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