Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Weekend Was Freeeeeeee!

Friday night I went to Mel's house and got to watch Ruby. She is such a cutie pie! If I ever have kids I hope they have the easy going ways that Ruby has. The next morning Mel gave me a hair cut, I know it is hard to tell because it was only a trim but it feels 100% better. I don't know why but even a small trim to hair makes it so much easier to deal with.

The rest of Saturday just seemed to vanish, I really can't remember what I even did? I know I took a nap because I had a really big head ache but that is it? Where does time go?
Sunday I woke up with a mission to do something out of the house. Grant and I are trying not to spend any extra money mainly because we just don't have that much hahahahha and because we are saving to go to the USA. Soooo we looked up free stuff to do and found nothing, but I remembered him saying he hadn't been to the museum in a long time so even though I go all the time with the kids I watch we decided to check it out. It turned out to be fun, I even saw a few exhibits that I never get to see because the kids would get scared or bored.

We spent about 2 hours in the museum and then headed home and spent the rest of the night painting. Free entertainment is hard to find.

Here I am new hair cut

Here is Grant in the museum hiding in the war scene.
We finally figured out what was smelling in our room, Closet Doors! After washing the doors and everything else we did to make the room not smell and it still reeking we finally removed the doors and the smell is gone! That means we have 3 options. 1. leave the doors off and just see all of our junk all the time (no way) 2. sand the doors and put a stain on them and hope they don't smell or 3. keep the doors off and make a curtain to cover the door way.
Not sure what we will do but at least the smell is gone =).
P.S. Thank you to the insane pastor who wants to burn the Koran for making all of America look like a bunch of crazy nutty backwards hillbillies! Good One!
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