Sunday, September 5, 2010

Warmish Weekend Away

Saturday we woke up and got a phone call from Grant's friend asking him if he is going surfing. Of course the answer was yes. I had all these huge plans to clean the house and possibly get garden stuff and work on art but I was more then happy to forget all about all that and leave the house for a nice weekend in the sun. We really got lucky because both Saturday and Sunday were nice and sunny and warm. I was able to wear a tank top and roll up my jeans into jorts hahaha. We drove up to ship wreck bay and met his two friends both named Ben.

Putting on his new booties

Grant went surfing and I attempted to take pictures of him but because of the glare from the sun I completely lost sight of him so instead I went for a walk and read in the car. There were pigs on the beach! So cute!
After surfing we stayed the night at Grant's family bach. The key did not work in either door for some reason so we had to break through the back window. Sunday we got up early and headed out to surf again.

Here I am looking rugged early in the morning.

The Bach

Sun rising

We fed the pigs our left over noodles from the night before.

oink oink!!


Lacey said...

those pigs are sooooo cute!! Ok keep posting pictures of waves and Grant surfing because everytime you do Brandon freaks out and wants to hop on a flight right now haha

Anna said...

Oh my, make sure you're careful around those crazy pigs!

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