Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party

This weekend was our first party at out new place. It was a combined Halloween and birthday party. (I didn't tell many people it was my birthday). It took us days to get ready for it or rather it took ME days. Thursday I went shopping for all the snack food and drink stuff and I cleaned the house. Friday I had to work and while I should have come home and organized for the party instead I made myself a bunch of tequila drinks and got too drunk to do any thing. Yes I was drinking all by myself (Grant was surfing) and yes I had just as much fun drinking by myself.

The ironic and funny thing was the weather! For the last 5 days it has been sunny and warm and guess what the day of the party we wake up to clouds and RAIN! Thank god by the time people started to arrive it had all cleared up and was sunny. The morning of the party it was all on! When Grant wants to get something done he really can! In the morning we still did not have stairs off the deck and the garage was filled with wood and junk. I really did not think everything would get done in time (4pm). Turns out when he puts the pedal to the medal shit gets done. While I organized the food and inside of the house he was able to make stairs, clean out the whole garage, and clean the whole backyard.

a few hours before the party

I am suppose to be a pirate but look more like a gypsy

Our lovely backyard

Crockett and Jasmine a priest and Mad Cow hahahh

Tom came as me! Isn't that funny! he made 4 masks of my face! Thanks Tom.

Nick came as a scary pig mask

Jed came as a scary old man mask

Here is everyone dressed as me hahah funny

Grant being me with a mustache

A pirate and a cow boy. This picture is showing me I need to start doing some push ups.

Making drinks

Jed and Swazik as me hahaha she is 5 months pregnant

Alina as a Russian Bride

Me and Swazik

Emma and Mike

The party was a success! Everyone had a great time we all drank, danced and had fun. We have a ton of food left over because we did not BBQ like we thought we would and no one really ate that much food. I guess it is better to be over prepared then under prepared.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Birthday!

This weekend we are having a Halloween party at our house. This will be our first big party so I am a little nervous my plan is to decorate a little and move all the furniture around so there is plenty of space to walk and move. In preparation of the party last weekend I made some home made decorations hahahha they are pretty lame.

We also went shopping and got some lanterns and lights so people are not falling in the dark in out back yard.

Here we are testing where to put the lanterns. Not here hahhaa.

This particular day it was really beautiful and sunny and warm so we borrowed the neighbors row boat and went up the creek that is in our back yard. It was really fun. We do need a little practice rowing (Grant) I only got smashed into few trees and bushes a few times.

Our garden is starting to grow. Above is some cilantro. If only it weren't for that damn cat that keeps digging everything up!

Monday was a holiday and Grant took off to get me a present so I took off to Mission Bay cause they had a huge festival. There was so much traffic that I decided to park and walk along the beach. I kinda miss calculated how far I parked and it ended up being about a 2 or so mile walk just to get there. Not the best idea considering I was wearing flip flops and I had no sun block.
My feet were thinking, What the Hell? Anyways I made it there and back with only sore feet and a small sun burn.

Yesterday was my birthday in NZ and today is my birthday in the USA so my plan is to celebrate on both days hahaha. I worked yesterday and the family I work for got me a really nice book on NZ artists and a cake which we all had some of at the end of the day.
When I got home Grant was already home and said he was taking a shower so I was in the kitchen when I heard some one knock on the door. I went out and this is what I saw.

Grant had set it up while I was in the kitchen then ran through the back and garage to knock then ran back to get in the shower hahha what a crafty guy.

He got me these wonderful flowers and some yummy smelling perfume. I was in shock. I kept asking who gave him the idea for perfume and he came up with it all on his own. Its the perfect gift #1 cause I don't have any #2 cause I can use it every day, so its not a waste of money and #3 it is something that I would never buy myself.

The smell is a mix of flowers and fruit I love it!
After gifts we went to town for dinner at the Mexican Cafe! Yes please I want a margarita!

My shirt matches the Lemon!

After dinner we came home and had a tiny piece of cake each and went straight to bed. It is really hard to work all day and go out at night.

This is a rare pic where we don't both have red eyes!
Today my Real birthday I plan to get ready for our party by doing lots of shopping and decorating! whoop whoop!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

All Last Week

I can't believe I let a whole week go by with out blogging! I guess sometimes it just gets old writing everything down, there was a stage last year where I wrote everything down that I did each day and I guess now I am just over it. I still love to blog when there is something to say.

This week was the usual nannying and since I am picking up Fridays the week seems to go by faster for some reason so that is good. This Monday is Labor Day here in NZ so we all get Monday off. This weekend so far has been really nice and warm, so warm that Saturday I wore a dress and flip flops and today I am wearing shorts! I got so excited with the weather that I switched out all my winter clothes for my summer clothes hahahah. I am guessing the opposite is happening where I come from.

Today Grant and I went to visit Mel and Ruby. Ruby is getting so big, she is one of the cutest babies. Grant got a cool hair cut from Mel that looks awesome (Thanks Mel). After our visit we went by a store and got a bunch of stuff for a party we are having next weekend. We are having our first real party and it is a Halloween dress up party/ my birthday party (we didn't really tell anyone that though). We got tiki torches and solar lights and all kinds of cool stuff!

I have been going back and fourth on what to be, at first it was a pirate then a cow girl, then an Indian girl. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to be a pirate because I have a dress that I can wear just adding a sash and some cut up material where if I was an Indian I would have to drag out my sewing machine and there is just no time for that.

P.S. I forgot to take my camera so that is why there are no pictures (gosh Darn it!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished My Book

Turns out I finished reading my book, My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster, last night instead of today.

I really liked the book but I didn't think it was as funny as all her other books. The book was about her journey to try to watch less crap tv and take in more culture. While reading the book I started thinking that it seems like a good idea to become more cultured.

This morning I made a list from the book of stuff I wanted to look up on the Internet and a few books that I might check out of the library.

The first thing I wanted to look up was the word tortuous because I had no idea what it meant. While googling the word I might have found my new favorite website, .
The cool thing about this website is you can type in a word and not only does it tell you the definition it also says the word out loud in case there is any confusion to how to pronounce the word. The really funny thing is when my mom started typing in "bad" words and making the website say them hahahaa (although I think that is defeating the purpose of learning the new words).

I will keep you updated to any new cultural events I go to.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Catch Up.

Friday= working and having drinks at a pub after.

Saturday = I really can't remember what we did, but at night we had Alina and Tom over for dinner and drinks.

Sunday= drove out to Kumeu, where I am going to be in an art exhibit, and met all the artists and coordinators. The garden that I will have my art in is beautiful. After we got home I finished a drawing that I have been working on. I am now watching one of my favorite shows Wipe Out! This show always makes me laugh so hard.

Above are a few photos of the gardens that the art show will be at.
My plan for tomorrow is to finish the book I am reading "My Fair Lazy", send off my drawing, and start some water color paintings.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday Again.

I have come to realize that life is quite repetitive. Every week we do the same things whether we want to or not. We eat, drink, and sleep everyday. We go shopping for groceries, get gas, do laundry and clean every week. I have now realized no mater where you live in the world or what you do for a living this is the stuff that is part of life, best to accept it and get use to it.
It is fun to imagine a life where nothing is repetitive and everyday you are doing something different but I have a feeling we as humans are not made to live that sort of life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Creek

Sunday morning it was nice and sunny outside, so we decided to walk down to the creek in our backyard. It is a three yard walk so don't worry there was no real exercise involved ha. We got down there and Grant asked me, "Where's your camera." I did not think to bring the camera because most of the time everyone (Grant) gets annoyed with me constantly taking pictures. I said, "you can get it if you want." Two minutes later he was back snapping away.

It was a lovely morning, but as soon as the sun went behind some clouds it got really cold. I spent the day painting and reading my current book. Grant spent the day working on his building apprenticeship and using google earth (his new obsession). We took a short trip to his friends house, where we use to live, so Grant could ask one of them if they want to go surfing soon and the guy he wanted to talk to never came out of his room...WEIRDO. SO we chatted with everyone else. When home I made some yummy spaghetti, I have learned if I make enough meat sauce it can be used for dinner the next night in tacos or burritos.

As I was painting yesterday I thought maybe I will try to do a painting a day (on my days off) and put them on the blog. The only problem is most of my paintings are super detailed and it always takes way more then a day to do an acrylic painting. Maybe I can use watercolor and start to do a painting a day. I will think about it.
Today's agenda
vacuum the house
work on a secret drawing
do laundry
clean house
If time read my book
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