Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Creek

Sunday morning it was nice and sunny outside, so we decided to walk down to the creek in our backyard. It is a three yard walk so don't worry there was no real exercise involved ha. We got down there and Grant asked me, "Where's your camera." I did not think to bring the camera because most of the time everyone (Grant) gets annoyed with me constantly taking pictures. I said, "you can get it if you want." Two minutes later he was back snapping away.

It was a lovely morning, but as soon as the sun went behind some clouds it got really cold. I spent the day painting and reading my current book. Grant spent the day working on his building apprenticeship and using google earth (his new obsession). We took a short trip to his friends house, where we use to live, so Grant could ask one of them if they want to go surfing soon and the guy he wanted to talk to never came out of his room...WEIRDO. SO we chatted with everyone else. When home I made some yummy spaghetti, I have learned if I make enough meat sauce it can be used for dinner the next night in tacos or burritos.

As I was painting yesterday I thought maybe I will try to do a painting a day (on my days off) and put them on the blog. The only problem is most of my paintings are super detailed and it always takes way more then a day to do an acrylic painting. Maybe I can use watercolor and start to do a painting a day. I will think about it.
Today's agenda
vacuum the house
work on a secret drawing
do laundry
clean house
If time read my book


beeswax said...

A beautiful view from you yard. You should do some plein aire paintings from there. We can do that when I come. I can't wait. Love you lots, MOM

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