Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished My Book

Turns out I finished reading my book, My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster, last night instead of today.

I really liked the book but I didn't think it was as funny as all her other books. The book was about her journey to try to watch less crap tv and take in more culture. While reading the book I started thinking that it seems like a good idea to become more cultured.

This morning I made a list from the book of stuff I wanted to look up on the Internet and a few books that I might check out of the library.

The first thing I wanted to look up was the word tortuous because I had no idea what it meant. While googling the word I might have found my new favorite website, .
The cool thing about this website is you can type in a word and not only does it tell you the definition it also says the word out loud in case there is any confusion to how to pronounce the word. The really funny thing is when my mom started typing in "bad" words and making the website say them hahahaa (although I think that is defeating the purpose of learning the new words).

I will keep you updated to any new cultural events I go to.


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