Wednesday, October 6, 2010


For the last two days I have been working watching the kids. They were pretty well behaved besides the random fights or out of control attitude problem that would break out now and again. It is school holidays and I think when the kids aren't being pushed and hurried in and out of cars all day to get to kindy they seem to be more relaxed. I have actually given the family my notice for November, so as soon as my mom's visit is over I will be hunting for a job. I am ready to work at a job that does not involve kids. I have always really liked kids and they naturally like me but after watching them for a while I have seemed to have lost all patience for kids that are out of control. I find my self getting very irritated and just wanting to walk away. I am starting to think I might never want to have kids of my own hahhaa that is why I need a break from them.

Anyways I am looking forward to finding a job where I can meet lots of people, work normal hours, and be mentally stimulated. P. S. The mom asked me if I can type? hahhaha oh boy! I thought how would I have a Bachelor degree if I couldn't type. Maybe they think I am some sort of idiot that can only watch kids any how very excited for a change!

Today I picked up a book that I have had on request at the library. Just the other day I was thinking, man I requested that book a long time ago, and sure enough today I got an e-mail saying I could pick it up.

The book is My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster. I have read all of her other books and I just love them. Jen has to be one of the funniest writers I have ever read. I find myself literally laughing out loud while reading and lets face it that never happens. If you are interested in reading her stuff you must start with her first book Bitter is the New Black. I promise you will not regret it.

Does anyone know what this vegetable is pictured below????

Grant's boss bought a huge thing of vegetables and gave us a bag of them. This was in the bag and I have no idea what it is or what to do with it. I asked grant and he did not know either. Its been in the fridge and every time I see it I wonder if I should cut it up and cook it and eat it or throw it away hahhahha.
After picking up my book I went grocery shopping. Today I only got fruit and veggies and a few other odds and ends. Since I was taking a picture of that weird veg I thought I would show you my pantry and fridge. I am laughing looking at these pictures. We have so much cereal! If you look at the top shelf you can see the huge container of nutella that I bought Grant he is the only one who eats it and he goes through a small container ever 2 weeks so I bought the big one.

You would think 10 people live here looking at our kitchen, but that is what it looks like when you eat every meal at home.
One thing that really bothers me at the grocery store and seems to bother everyone who works there is the fact that every time someone buys alcohol they have to ring a bell and a manager has to come over and approve of the sale. The check out guy looked at the one bottle of wine I was buying and immediately said, "oh god not another person buying alcohol" hahhaha! I was thinking WHAT? Who cares? Then he saves it for last and rings a bell and this angry lady comes up and says first things first where is your id. I was thinking ok I am 9 years over the legal age to drink here haha and is that the way you talk to someone. Anyways I don't know why the stores don't just have the guy ringing people up check the ids rather then have everyone wait for a manager. By the way they do this for everyone even a 90 year old man who was in front of me the other day. Seems ridiculous if you ask me!
Anyways I should go and do something finish that painting!


beeswax said...

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks you can or cannot do. You will find something that you like doing, but you have to try different jobs to find it. Try temping. It sounds tempting.
Love you, MOM

Lacey said...

I wonder if she asked you that question to purposly be rude since you are leaving. Whatever! Idk what the heck that veggie is but you know I would never try it haha I ordered the Bitter is the New Black book last night, I love a good recommendation.

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