Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today got off to a rocky start I won't get into the details but there was a slammed door and Grant dropped his plate of toast out side in the rain and the plate broke and the toast landed on the ground. Anyhow after that cleared up I started looking on the Internet and about to start working on my painting some more. Here is a photo of how it looks up till now. Still quite a lot to do.

While painting I normally always listen to music and the station is almost always set to George FM. Yesterday while painting they had a drawing where you can text in and they pick a text and the person wins tickets to New years eve high life and guess what? I won!!! whoop Whoop! When I called the DJ he said he liked my text! I wrote that I always listen to them while I paint and that I love their music they choose to play=) I was very excited!
The weather here has turned back into a pile of Sh*t (pardon my French). There was 2 really nice days and then the last 2 and today have been rainy and cloudy and yuck. The good news is they are saying Sat and Sun are going to be clear and sunny.
Anyways off to paint!!!


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